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The Resistance Card Game Review

The Resistance is a party game about social deduction and secret identities. Players are either Resistance members or the spies.

As a member of the Resistance, you are trying to overthrow the government.

As a spy, you will be trying to stop the Resistance.

The Resistance wins the game if three Missions are completed successfully. The Spies win if three Missions fail.

The Spies also win if the Resistance is unable to organize the Mission Team at any point in the game.

A key rule of the game is that everyone may say anything, at anytime during the game.

The Resistance Gameplay

  • One-third of your players are randomly chosen to be spies, while the rest will be the Resistance. One player is selected to be a the Mission Leader.
  • Only the Spies know who the spies are, the Resistance only know the number of Spies but not their identities
  • The leader will select a certain number of player to send out on a mission
  • Players will discuss the leaders choice and vote in public, whether to accept the team or not.
  • If the majority, vote no or it is a tie, it moves to the next round and the person to the left of the Leader becomes the new leader and proposes his own mission
  • This continues until a mission is agreed. If there are 5 failed attempts to set a mission, the spies win.
  • Once the mission is set, players on the mission are given a set of mission cards.
  • Mission cards will indicate ‘Success’ or ‘Fail’
  • The Mission players will submit a “Success” or “Fail” card.
  • Resistance players will submit “Success” while Spies who have been chosen on the Mission will submit “Fail”
  • The cards will be shuffled and then revealed. If all cards show ‘Success’, the Resistance wins, If any card shows a ‘Fail’, the Spies win.

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 13
    Estimated Game Time 30 min
    Min number of players 5
    Max number of players 10
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