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Maracaibo – a game of exploration, adventure and conquests

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What is Maricaibo Board Game about?

Maracaibo board game is an ambitious game. It is the 17th Century, and you are a seafarer exploring and trying to gain influence and riches in the Caribbean. England, France and Spain are the nations fighting for supremacy in this region. Fight for them and gain riches and influence or trade in goods, explore cities, complete projects to build your wealth.

All these actions will contribute to your Victory Points and this will decide if you win the game. While doing this, fulfil quests and uncover stories that introduce new elements to the game.

What do players do in Maricaibo?

In each turn, you sail your ship and explore various locations. Depending on your ship’s location, you can choose to perform different types of tasks.

Maricaibo game board and map
Explore the Caribbean in the game Maricaibo

As a seafarer, you will possess career cards and of course, a ship. Complete the tasks required by your career cards or upgrade your ship to add to your Victory Points.

Maricaibo ship board
Your ship board in the game Marcaibo

Here are some examples of different tasks:

At a city:

  • Choose to trade and deliver goods at a city’s market or
  • Fight with a nation to gain influence with them
  • Move your explorer down explorer tracks on the board and gain rewards

At a village:

  • Get doubloon (money)
  • Discard cards to re-draw at a later phase
  • Buy and use one of your project cards
  • Invest in prestige buildings

At a quest location:

  • Fulfil quests and gain rewards
  • Fulfil story quests that introduce new quests or stories to the game

You will continue to move and take various actions to earn rewards and build your wealth and influence.

How does the game end?

There are 2 phases of scoring: Interim and Final scoring.

Interim Scoring:

When you reach a particular location (known as a Homeward Bound Space) in the Caribbean, you will begin your interim scoring. You will score Victory Points based on your previous actions and rewards.

Final Scoring:

When you reach the next ‘homeward bound space’, you will proceed to the final scoring of your Victory Points and the game ends for you.

The winner is the player with the most victory points

Find out how to play Maricaibo with our easy to read online playing guide.

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