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Rules for Balderdash Game

Learn how to play the hilarious Balderdash Game fast. Get your game started quick.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Balderdash rules in simple steps Balderdash rules pdf / rulebook

What is the goal of Balderdash?

Each turn players invent a fake answer to the question in play such that others mistake it for the correct answer. Players attempt to identify the correct answer from all the fakes.

Balderdash Setup

  • Lay out the board and attach the spinner
  • Each player has a Bluffing Sheet and writes their name
  • Each player selects a piece and places it on START on the board
  • Players choose first person to read a card entry (known as The Dasher) or roll the die (highest roller becomes the Dasher)

Balderdash Gameplay

Dasher selects question

  • Dasher takes 1st card from the card box
  • Dasher selects one of the five questions on the coloured Question side.
  • Dasher writes question and real answer (on the back of the card) on their Bluffing Sheet
  • Dasher reads relevant question to the players and keeps real answer hidden.

Players make up their answer

  • Other (Non-Dasher) players make up an answer to the question to bluff the other players and write it on the Answer section of their Bluffing sheet and initial it. Answers can be as wacky or serious. Written answers are kept hidden from others and
  • Dasher arranges answers (including real one) in random order and reads them out aloud. A repeat reading of all answer is allowed if required.
  • If a player writes an answer that is similar or very close to the real answer, answer sheet is set aside. Only read the answer copied from the game card. The round is played as usual but with one less answer. The player who made up this answer automatically earns 3 points and does not participate in the guessing or voting during the round. If two or more players submit an answer that is close to the real answer, the round is cancelled and the DASHER chooses a new card. The players that had the answers similar to the real one earn 3 points each

Dasher reads out answers and players choose

  • Moving clockwise, each player choose the answer they think is real.
  • Once every player has guessed, the DASHER reveals the real answer, tallies each players score on the answer sheet and each player advances their piece on the board the number of points earned in that round.
  • The player to the DASHER’s left becomes the new DASHER and play continues

Balderdash Scoring

1 point awarded to player for every vote their answer earned.
2 points awarded to each player who correctly guesses the REAL answer.
3 points given to the DASHER if no players guess the real answer.
3 points are awarded to any player who writes an answer very similar to the
real answer

Double Bluff

A player moves one board space for every point earned. If a player lands directly on a Double Bluff space, the player doubles their score for the next round.

Depending on the category, the kinds of answers required are as follows:

Balderdash Categories

Word: What is the definition of this word?

People: What is the person known for?

Initials: What do they stand for?

Events: What happened in this place or on this date?

Laws: Complete the Law!

How to Win in Balderdash?

In each round, the player to the DASHER’s left moves their piece first, followed by the rest in clockwise order. The first player to reach the “Finish” space on the board wins.

Balderdash 2 player rules

Players take turns being the DASHER. Roll the die, draw a card and read from the
corresponding category question. Before turning it over and seeing the answer,
the DASHER makes up their own answers. Turn over the card to read and copy the real answer. Read both choices to the guessing player. If the player chooses your bluff, you advance 3 spaces; guesser advances 2 spaces if they select real answer. Alternate until first player reaches the “Finish” and wins.

How to Play Balderdash and Review Videos

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