How to play Bunco Dice

How to Play Bunco Rules – 2 to 4 player game

Bunco is a fun and casual dice game played with three dice. Players ring a bell when rolling a “Bunco” or reaching “21.”

Package includes 9 dice, 2-sided score pad, and a silver game bell – all you need to play Bunco.

A Bunco party with up to 12 players is loads of fun. Rules for Party Bunco are included, as well as rules for 2-1 players for smaller gatherings.

What is the goal?

The objective is to achieve the highest score at the conclusion of six rounds of play.

Game setup

Bunco 1

Bunco Terms

Bunco: A three-of-a-kind of the number corresponding to the round (three “1’s” in Round One, three “2’s” in Round Two, and so on).

This is often called a “true” Bunco.  A true Bunco immediately ends the round and scores 21 points.


Low Bunco

Low Bunco

A three-of-a-kind that is lower than the number of the round scores 7 points (e.g. 3’s, 2’s or 1’s in round 4).

Bunco 2

High Bunco

A three-of-a-kind higher than the current round number scores 5 points.


Six complete rounds (rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)


In this game, all players gather around a single table.

2 to 3 players

Each one keeps and rolsl three dice of their own color.

4 players

Choose one color of dice to share. Everyone uses the same dice, passing them around the table from player to player.

Choose a scorekeeper and place the bell within reach.

Bunco Gameplay in Simple Steps

At the beginning of each round, the scorekeeper rings the bell to indicate the start of the game. 

Players try to roll same number as the round number

  • Players aim to roll the same number as the current round (e.g. 1 in Round One).
  • Only Low Bunco or High Bunco scores with other numbers.


Bunco 3

Each time a player rolls a “1”, she scores 1 point for each die that shows this number and rolls again.

For example, on her first roll in Round One, a player rolls two “4’s” and one “1.” She scores 1 point for the “1” and may roll again

Bunco 4

If a player doesn’t roll the required number for the current round, their turn ends and the dice pass to the left. Play continues until someone reaches 21 points and wins the round.

Bonus Points

Rolling a Low Bunco or a High Bunco earns bonus points (7 and 5 respectively). The round ends at 21 points.

For example, during Round Four a player rolls three “2’s.” Since “2” is lower than the round’s number, she has rolled a “low Bunco” and scores 7 points. If during Round Four she rolls three “5’s,” she has rolled a High Bunco (5 is higher then the round’s number) and scores 5 points.


In the Rounds section of the score sheet, the scorekeeper writes players’ initials and records their scores. The round ends when a player reaches 21 points, and they ring the bell to celebrate their win!

On the Master Score Sheet, the scorekeeper records each player’s name on a separate line and the results of Round One. The winner gets a “W” recorded under column #1. A “B” is also recorded for a true Bunco.

Starting the Next Round

The player to the left of the round’s winner picks up the dice and rolls first to start Round #2. Play contin- ues until a full “Set” has been played (all six rounds).

How do you win?

At the end of the Set, the player who has accumulated the highest number of “W’s” emerges as the winner of the game.

 If this is a tie, the player with the most “B’s,” among those in the tie, wins the game.

If this is still a tie, a “roll off ” breaks the tie.

In a roll off, the first player to reach 5 points wins thethan the number of the round (5’s or 6’s rolled roll off (points are scored for rolling the number of the round just completed, as well as for Buncos.) To determine who goes first in a roll-off, each player rolls all three dice. High total will roll first ( but does not score for this roll).
Note: for a quicker game, make 11 points the goal to win each round.