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How to play Candy Land

Check out our easy-to-read how-to-play Candy Land game rules online guide.

What is the goal?

Candy Land is a simple two to four-player game where each player races to the castle. Draw cards and move your piece to the corresponding color or picture. 

Game setup

  • Players pick one of the four pieces to represent their place on the board.
  • Shuffle the candy cards and place them face down within reach of all players.
  • Players rotate to the left starting with the youngest one.


Players draw one candy card each turn. A card may contain:

  • a single color block,
    Color blocks let you advance to that color.
  • two colors blocks
    You move forward to the second matching color when two color blocks are drawn.
  • a place picture
    The player must move either forward or backward if a picture card is drawn.

Always move in the direction of the signposts.
You must land on the entry point to a shortcut on the board to activate it.
If you land on the shortcut, you can move the piece to the end of the shortcut.
Shortcuts can\’t be fallen backwards into.

The player who lands on a licorice space loses their next turn.

How do you win?

A player must reach the candy castle at the end. A player who reaches the castle first is the winner.

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