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How to Play Monopoly Junior

Fast to learn easy-to-read How to Play Monopoly Junior Rules

Find out about Monopoly Junior

What is the goal?

  • To be the player with the most money when another player runs out of cash!
  • You do this by setting up Ticket Booths on as many Boardwalk Amusements as possible and collecting entrance fees when other players land on them!

Game setup 

  • Place a car mover on “GO!” Put any extras aside, out of play.
  • Each player takes 10 (or 12 in a 2-player game) Ticket Booths matching the color of their mover. Keep any extras out of play.
  • Shuffle and put the Chance cards (with the “?”) face down on the marked place on the board.
  • Pick a player to be the Banker. Each player receives five $1s, four $2s, three $3s, one $4, and one $5 from the Banker.
  • The Banker also plays the game, but he or she always keeps the bank’s money separate from their own! Roll the dice. The high roller goes first.

Step by Step How to Play Monopoly Junior

How to play Monopoly Junior rules. In this game, you earn money by setting up ticket booths on as many Boardwalk Amusements on the board as possible. When the game ends, the player with the most money wins.

On your turn, roll the die and move.

Roll the die, move your car mover the number of spaces along the Boardwalk and follow the instructions on that space.

If you land on an amusement without a ticket booth

You must pay the Banker the amount shown on the space, then place one of your own Ticket Booths on the space. You are now in charge of this Amusement, and anyone who enters must pay the admission fee indicated on the space!u003cbru003e

If you land on an amusement with a ticket booth

You must pay the owner (the person whose name is on the space) the amount shown on the space. If that person owns both Amusements of the same color, you must pay twice as much.

If you land on GO

Whenever you pass GO!, collect $2. Don’t forget to collect; if you don’t, you’re out of luck

If you land on a railroad

Roll again, move, and follow the instructions on the space you land on.

If you land on a Fireworks or Water Show

The show costs $2. Put the money on u0022Rich Uncle Pennybags ‘ Loose Change’u0022 space.

If you land on Rest Rooms

If you land here by a roll of the die, you are “Just Waiting.”

If you land on Go to the Rest Rooms

You must put $3 on the u0022Rich Uncle Pennybags’ Loose Changeu0022 space and then move immediately to the Rest Rooms. Avoid passing GO! Don’t collect $2. Roll and move as usual next time.

If you land on Rich Uncle Pennybags’ loose Change

When YOU land here, any money that’s on the space is all yours!

If you land on Chance

Draw the top Chance card, follow its instructions, then discard it face up next to the Draw pile. If you use up the Draw pile, turn the Discard pile over and use it again.


“Go To” or “Take a Ride” Spaces: Move your mover Immediately to the space indicated, then do whatever you would ordinarily do on that space. If you pass GO!, collect $2.

Free Ticket Booth

Do not move the token. Place one of your own unused Ticket Booths on an unoccupied Amusement of the color shown on the card. You can remove either one of the two colored Ticket Booths if both Amusements already have two different colored Ticket Booths. Give the booth you remove back to its owner. If both Amusements have the same color Ticket Booths already on them, you cannot replace either one. In this case-and only in this case-you can discard this Chance card and draw a new one. Follow its instructions.

How do you win?

When one player runs out of money, the game ends, and all the other players count up their money. Whoever has the most cash wins!

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