Clue Game Rules and Instructions in Simple Steps

Lets go through the Clue or also known as Cluedo game rules and instructions in quick simple steps! Share this with your other players and get your game started fast.

What is the goal?

You and your team can sculpt, act, puzzle, and even spell backwards to win this fun party game for four or more players!

Read the Case File to all players.

Setup Clue Weapons and Clue Characters

Weapons in Cluedo

  • Put all 6 weapon and 6 character tokens in the board center (even if there are less than six players)
  • Each player chooses a character from the suspect list
  • Players use their character’s matching color token to move around the mansion.

Clue Murder Envelope Setup

  • Murder envelope contains the cards of the weapon, suspect and room involved in the murder.
  • Separate all the Black CLUE cards into Weapon, Suspect and Room decks.
  • Shuffle each deck and place them facedown on the table
  • Randomly select Weapon, Suspect and Room involved in the murder
  • Without looking, take the top card from each deck and put them into the Yellow Murder Envelope
  • Place the Murder Envelope at the side of the board.

Black Clue Cards

  • Shuffle the rest of the Black CLUE cards and deal them all out face-down to each player so you all have an equal number of cards.
  • Everyone must keep their cards secret!
  • If the cards don’t divide exactly between players, place the two or three leftover cards face up at the side of the board.
  • For 2 player setup, before dealing cards, take the top four black CLUE cards from the deck and place them facedown at the side of the board

Clue Sheets

Cluedo clue sheet

  • Each player gets a CLUE Sheet and keeps it secret
  • Players cross off the Black CLUE cards on hand and any revealed leftover cards
  • These are not in the Envelope and not involved in the murder!
  • During the game, you will get to see other players’ cards one at a time. Every time you see one, cross it off your CLUE sheet. It’s not in the Envelope so it’s not involved in the murder

Red Bonus Cards

Clue Red Bonus Cards
Shuffle cards and place at the side of the board for bonus moves while you play.
Remove these cards in 2 player games as they are not used.


Roll dice, move, and enter room

Clue 1
Roll the dice and move your character token to the indicated number of spaces on the board. If another player moved your token since your last turn, you have the option to stay put and ask a question without moving.

You can move horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally, through the corridor.

No exact roll is needed to enter a room. If your roll goes beyond the room, finish your move early and stop there.

Stay in the corridor If your roll is too low; or aim to land on a Red Bonus space.
An exact roll is not needed to stop on the Bonus space.

When landing on a Bonus space, pick top Red Bonus card and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve used the card, place it on the discard pile.

Ask a Clue Question

Ask a Clue Question

When entering a room, ask a CLUE question about a suspect, a weapon, and the room.
For example, Was it Scarlet? (the suspect), With the Rope? (the weapon) In the Garage? (the room you entered)
Bring both the weapon and character tokens of the suspect into the room with you.
The player on your left must be the first to try to answer your question.
If a player has any of the cards you asked for, they will show you ONE only
If players don’t have any cards, they will answer, “Cannot Answer”.
The question then moves to the next player until you are shown one card.
If no one can answer and you are not bluffing, you would have identified one of the cards in the murder envelope.

2 player games

Questions are asked as normal and the other player must always try to answer.
If the player cannot answer, you must secretly look at one of the four cards at the side of the board. Once you’ve crossed it off your CLUE Sheet, return the card to the same spot at the side of the board. Whenever the other team cannot answer one of your questions, secretly look at a different one of the four cards at the side of the board.

Mark off Clue Sheet and End Turn

Clue 2

Cross off revealed cards off your CLUE Sheet.
Leave the character and weapon token you moved where they are. If the character token you moved belongs to another player, they can ask a question on their next turn without moving.
End your turn. The player on your left goes next.

Making an accusation

Once you’ve asked enough questions and crossed out your Clue sheet to guess the cards in the Murder envelope, you’re ready to solve the murder!
Move to space in the centre of the board.
When you get there, read your accusation out loud:
“I accuse [the suspect], with the [weapon] in the [room]”
e.g. “I accuse Green, with the Lead Pipe in the Dining Room!

How do you win?


If your accusation is correct (guessing the right cards in the murder envelope), you WIN!


If your accusation is wrong, you lose the game.
Secretly return the cards to the Envelope.
Keep your cards hidden and keep answering other players’ questions.
Do not ask any further questions or make any further accusations.

How to Play Clue and Review Videos

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