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How to Play Clue Jr – Game Rules and Instructions in Simple Step

What is the goal?

Someone broke one of the toys and you need to find out:

  • which toy is broken,
  • who broke it, and
  • when they did it!
  • Gameboard,
  • 6 Clue character pawns
  • 6 furniture tokens,
  • 7 white bases,
  • 7 yellow bases,
  • detective notepad, die, and
  • label sheet
  • Place all of the yellow bases facedown and mix them up. Do not peek. Put one facedown in the board’s center. This is the time the toy was broken!
  • Place a furniture token into each of the left-over yellow bases (don’t look at the bottoms) and place each token in its appropriate room on the gameboard.
  • Set aside the white base with the toy chest, Place face-down the others, and mix them up. Without peeking, put one of those bases facedown in the board’s center. This is the broken toy.
  • Mix up the toy chest base with the remaining white bases, and place a character pawn into each. The character pawn with the toy chest broke the toy!
  • Place all character pawns on matching start spaces, even if there aren’t six players. Everyone begins to pick a character!
  • Everyone takes a notepad sheet and keeps their notepad entries hidden from others


Take turns rolling the die to see if you:

  • move your character, 
  • look under characters, or
  • check under furniture

Note down the clues that you find, strike out choices, and eventually find out what happened.

The youngest player goes first.

On your turn, roll the die and if you

clue junior game; clue jr; clue game; kids games; roll the die

Roll Yellow
Secretly peek below any furniture token

Roll White
Secretly peek below any character pawn

Roll a number

Move your character pawn up to that many spaces along linking footprints.
• You cannot land on other character pawns.
• You cannot end your move on the space where you started

Landing on a footprint, if you:

Land on a yellow footprint:

Secretly peek under the furniture token in that room

Land on a white footprint

Secretly peek under any character pawn

Land on a black footprint

Nothing happens.

Marking your sheet

Crossing out furniture and time

When looking under a yellow base, cross off that furniture and the time you see as this can’t be the time the toy was broken!  Cross out the furniture so you remember which rooms you’ve already checked!

Mark you clue junior sheet

Crossing out characters

When looking under a white base, cross out the toy you see as this can’t be the broken toy. Also cross out the character, UNLESS you find the toy chest. Whoever has the toy chest broke the toy! Keep looking under characters to figure out which toy was broken.

How do you win?

Make an accusation and solve the mystery

Do this at any time on your turn, even after marking your sheet.
1. Say, “[character] broke the [toy] at [time].”
2. Secretly look under the bases in the center of the board and under the character
you’re accusing.
3. Are you right about all three?


If you solve all 3 questions, you win the game.


If you fail to solve all 3, you are out. Don’t tell anyone the solution.

How to Play Clue Junior The Case of the Broken Toy and Review Videos

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