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Guess Who Card Game Instructions and Rules

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Players: 2 to 2 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Guess Who?: Card rules in simple steps

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What is the goal Guess Who The Card Game?

Ask questions to guess your opponent’s mystery character before they guess yours. This is a card game version of the original Guess Who board game.

  • Each player gets a set of Face cards (blue or red).
  • Place them face-up in a 4×5 layout. Players will use these cards to guess their opponent’s character card.
  • Shuffle the yellow mystery cards. Each player draws a card from the top of the pile.
  • Players look and keep it hidden from others, and place them face down next to their face card layout. This the player’s character card.
  • Rest of the mystery cards are not needed.
  • Select a player to go first.

Guess Who Card Gameplay in Simple Steps

Players take turns to ask questions

  • On their turn, players ask a yes-or-no question about their opponent’s Mystery Character.
  • Players turn over all their cards that fit the answer to the question.
    For example, if you ask “Does your character wear a hat?” and opponent answers “No”, turn over all the cards with character that wear a hat.
  • Players continue taking turns asking questions until they think they can guess who is on their opponent’s Mystery card.

How to win Guess Who Card Game

Win by correctly guessing your opponent’s Mystery Character.
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