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How to Play Guess Who Rules Official Guide

Learning how to play Guess Who? Here are the Guess Who rules and instructions summarised to help you, family or friends to get started quickly. 

Players: 2 to 2 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Guess Who? rules pdf / rulebook

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What is the goal of Guess Who Game?

  • Guess the mystery person on your opponent’s card by asking one question per turn.
  • Eliminate faces that don’t fit the description.
  • Be the first to guess your opponent’s mystery person to win!
How to setup Guess Who game?

Gently detach the 48 face cards from the sheet.
Players insert their colored face cards into the matching frames on their gameboard, order doesn’t matter.

Guess Who Gameplay

Guess Who 1

Draw Your Mystery Card

  • Shuffle and select a mystery card at random. Place it in the mystery card slot facing you.
  • Your opponent does the same.
  • Unused cards go face down. Sit facing your opponent so they can’t see your card.

The Gameboard Faces

Notice the 24 faces on the gameboard. Look for differences in hair, eyes, beards, mustaches, noses, hats, and glasses. You’ll find more differences as you play.

Playing Your Turn

Youngest player goes first. Ask a question or guess the mystery person on your turn. Wait to guess until ready. Rules for questions and guessing below.

Asking Questions

Ask one yes/no question per turn until you guess the mystery person. For example, you may ask: “Does your person have white hair?” Your opponent must then answer either “yes” or “no.” After your opponent responds, you may be able to eliminate one or more faces.

To identify the mystery person, you can start by eliminating the faces that do not match the given description. For instance, if the mystery person has white hair, you can flip down all the faces that have black, brown, red, or yellow hair. This will leave only the white-haired people as the possible mystery person. Once you have asked a question and eliminated some faces, your turn ends.

Guessing the Mystery Person

When you’re ready to guess who the mystery person is, make your guess on your turn, instead of asking a question.

Guess the mystery person by stating their name. If you’re right, you win. If you’re wrong, you lose.Winning Guess Who

Players take turns asking questions until one makes a winning guess.


For an extra challenge, both players draw two mystery cards and place them side-by-side in their mystery card slots. Your objective is to guess both of your opponent’s mystery people.

You must say “both” or “either” when asking questions about the mystery people.

For example, you may ask, “Do both of your people wear glasses?” or, “Does either of your people have black hair?” Be very careful when eliminating gameboard faces – and remember which questions you’ve asked!

For example, you ask, “Does either of your people have a beard?” Your opponent answers “yes.” You cannot flip down any faces, because although one mystery person definitely has a beard, the other one may not!

To correctly guess the mystery people, you must guess both of them on the same turn.


If you wish to play a series of games, slide the scorekeeper up one point for every game you win. The first player to win five games is the champion!

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