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How to Play Hungry Hungry Hippos Guide

Check out our easy-to-read how-to play Hungry Hungry Hippos online guide.

What is the goal of Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Players take control of a hippo and try to gobble up the most marbles.

Game setup 

  • Attach each Hippo by sliding front tabs into the pond. Lock it down in place
  • Fill the marble release area with marbles and place golden marble in any open area
  • Hold down the hippo and pull its neck out. Press and release a few times.


  1. Each player picks a hippo
  2. Launch all the marbles into the pond
  3. Choose a player to yell ‘GO’
  4. Every player now tries to gobble as many marbles as possible

How do you win?

  • The player with the most marbles wins
  • An alternative game rules is whoever gobbles the golden marble wins
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