Recommended Dexterity board games

Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games.

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If you enjoy Hungry Hungry Hippos, the fast-paced dexterity game that involves famished heads of hungry hungry hippos fchomping and swallowing marbles, here are some similarly themed games that you should check out. Dexterity board games are fun for the family, require minimal tactical thinking, involve simple rules and all you need to do is be fast and agile. Here are our highly recommended dexterity board games to check out.

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Age: 4+

Duration: 10 – 20 mins

Animal Upon Animal

Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games. 1

Animal Upon Animal is a 2-4 player game, initially intended for children but equally as enticing for adults. The objective of the game is to be the most skilful at stacking and be the first left without any animals.

Animal Upon Animal is an engaging and addictive game, with its colourful wooden animals and their different unique shapes requiring players to strategically think about the placement of their animals in order for their stacked tower to not fall. Whether it be taking the challenging approach of stacking animals straight up or strategically placing animals by their shapes and sizes, everyone will have crazy fun playing!

This game uses a die component to determine different factors of their animal pyramid. For example, rolling an alligator on a die will expand the base of a player’s pyramid and rolling 1 dot will require players to take an animal from their provision and place it carefully with one hand on the pyramid.

If animals tumble down during stacking or the whole pyramid collapses, the stacking ends immediately. The game ends as soon as a player is left without animals and they win!!

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Age: 8+

Duration: 5 – 10 mins

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games. 2

play one of their chips to avoid picking up the current face-up card

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Age: 5+

Duration: 5 – 15 mins

Rhino Hero

Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games. 3

Rhino Hero is a 2-5 player game. It is portable and extremely quick to play, generating maximum fun and is compelling for all. Rhino Hero captures all the fun and excitement of the classic game, Jenga, as well as simple elements of other games like UNO

During a move a player completes 6 different actions:

  1. Build – Select one of the floors to add to your skyscraper
  2. Spider Monkey Attack? – If a floor you set up has a spider monkey symbol on it, you must take a spider monkey out of the stockpile and carefully hang it on this floor by its tail or hand.
  3. Climb the Skyscraper! – Roll the blue dice to tell you how many levels to climb up (or down, if the dice shows -1)
  4. Superbattle? – If you moved your Rhino to a new floor, check for other SuperRhinos. If there are others, it is now time for a superbattle. Because you are the first arrival, you are now the attacker.
  5. Superhero medal? – If your super rhino is the furthest up just before the end of your turn, you may take the superhero medal.
  6. Draw another floor card – At the end of your turn, draw a floor card so that you have 3 in your hand.

The game ends if a player causes the skyscraper to partially or completely collapse, regardless of when. The player with the Superhero Medal wins. However, if the player with the Superhero Medal was the one who caused the tower to collapse, all other players win!

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Age: 6+

Duration: 25 – 35 mins


Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games. 4

The lunch break is almost there and all of the young penguins would finally get the fish they’ve been craving. However, some rascals think they are quick enough to snatch some of the fish before the lunch break starts, but they have forgotten one thing – the Hall Monitor! Each school day one of the penguins is designated to watch over the school, and this is his moment to shine – for each rascal penguin he catches he would get additional fish!

ICECOOL is a 2-4 player flicking game where the objective for players is to collect fish without being caught by the Hall Monitor (the catcher) in order to accumulate Victory Points.

Players take turns being the Catcher and the game is over when every player has been the Catcher once.

The game consists of as many rounds as there are players and each round consists of 3 phases.

You set the game board comprising a setup of various rooms.

Phase 1 – Round Setup
Players place their penguins.

Phase 2 – Playing the Round
Players who are not the Hall Monitor take turns flicking their penguins around to collect fish.  The Hall Monitor flicks their Penguin around the board trying to catch the other players.

Phase 3 – The End of the Round

The player with the highest amount of victory points wins!

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Age: 8+

Duration: 15 – 25 mins

Ghost Blitz

Faster than Hungry Hippos? Check out these recommended dexterity board games. 5

Balduin, the house ghost, found an old camera in the castle cellar. Immediately he photographed everything that he loves to make disappear when he is haunting  – including himself, of course. Unfortunately, the enchanted camera takes many photos in the wrong colors. Sometimes the green bottle is white, at other times it’s blue. Looking at the photos, Balduin doesn’t really remember anymore what he wanted to make disappear next. Can you help him with his haunting and quickly name the right item, or even make it disappear by yourself? If you grab the right items quickly, you have a good chance of winning…

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Ghost Blitz is an enticing and fast-paced 2 to 8 player game where players race to figure out which items they need to grab and snatch before their opponents can. This lightning-fast shape and colour recognition game are sure to test the reflexes of players and the first player to collect the most cards wins!

One player flips the deck top card and everyone tries to figure out which item to grab and get it before anyone else.

If the picture has an item that makes up the games pieces, players grab that item.

If there is no item in the game that is in the picture,  players have to quickly figure out what item is not in the picture and which colour is not in the picture. They then take the item not found in the picture.

Taking the wrong item results in a player giving one of the cards they have won to the person who took the right item.

If you grab the correct item, you keep the card. The player with the most cards wins.

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