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Find out about Monopoly Cheaters Edition

How to Play Monopoly Cheater’s Edition Guide

Fast to learn easy to read how to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition rules.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition rules in simple steps

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What is the goal?

You cheat to get ahead in the game and try to catch other players cheating as you buy property, collect rent and grow your cash! The game ends when all properties have been bought and each player has made it back to GO. The person with the most cash wins!

Game setup

  1. Everyone gets M1500 each. Stack your cash in piles of the same denomination in front of each player – don’t stack it in one pile.
  2. Fill the bank tray with the remaining cash. The bank tray moves from player to player in the Cheaters Edition, so you shouldn’t nominate one banker.
  3. Place a hotel on Connecticut Avenue – regardless of whether the property is owned or not, it is free for the player who buys it.
  4. Place the Chance and Community Chest cards.
  5. Shuffle and draw 5 Cheat cards. Place them face up on the board so each cheat is visible.
  6. In addition to the title deed cards, place the dice and handcuffs on the board.


  • Make your way around the board, buying as many properties as you can. 
  • Like Monopoly, the more you own, the more rent you get.   
  • Try to beat your opponents by cheating. You win if you have the most money!
  • Each player rolls two dice. 
  • The highest roller starts and the game moves to the left.
  1. Start by looking at the Cheat cards. Plan to complete one or more during your or another player’s turns.
  2. Roll the dice.
  3. Walk your token clockwise to the number of spaces.
  4. Apply the rules to that board space. DID YOU ROLL A DOUBLE? If so, roll again.
  5. Be careful! You must go to jail if you roll a double 3 times in a row! Do not take your third turn.
  6. Pass the dice and Bank tray to the left. Once the next player rolls the dice, your turn is over.

The Board Spaces

A. Properties

Unowned Properties must be bought or auctioned when you land on them. Bond Street is free!

Want to buy it?
Take the Title Deed card and pay the price for the board space. 

Don’t want to buy it?
Auction it off. Each bid starts at M10, and anyone can increase it by as little as M10. The auction ends when no one wants to increase the bid, so you don’t need to follow turn order. The highest bidder pays the Bank. If there are no bids, the Title Deed remains in place.

If you own a color set of each Street: yo collect more rent! You can build Hotels to earn even more rent!  

Paying Rent

When you land on someone else’s property, the owner will ask for rent. In this case, you must pay the rent shown on the Title Deed card. If they don’t ask before the next player rolls, you don’t have to pay!

B. Action Spaces


Collect M200 at the Bank when you pass or land on the GO space.

Chance and Community Chest
  • Pick the top card from the deck.
  • If the card says to do something immediately, read it aloud and do it. Otherwise, hold onto the card until you are ready to use it.
  • One Chance and one Community Chest card at a time are allowed. If you have a Chance card in front of you and need to draw another, do so. You must immediately use or discard one by returning it to the Chance deck.

They can’t be bought! After landing here, move to the next station space and end your turn. 

Free Parking

Draw a Chance or Community Chest card!

Just Visiting

If you land here, put your token in the Just Visiting section and say hi to the cheaters.

Go to Jail

Put your token in jail now! Pass GO without collecting M200. Put the handcuffs on, and place the base near your seat. Your turn is over. While you are in jail, you can still collect rent, participate in auctions, purchase hotels, and trade. You can also catch cheaters and cheat (see CHEATING), but you cannot play Chance or Community Chest cards (except for Get Out of Jail Free). 

Is someone else already In Jail?

Free and replace them! You get the handcuffs from the person in jail, who moves their token to Just Visiting.

How do I get out of Jail?

4 options: 

  1. Next turn, pay M50, then roll and move as normal.
  2. If you have a Get Out of Jail Free card (or if you buy one from another player), use it on your next turn. Place the card at the bottom of the appropriate deck, then roll and move.
  3. If you roll a double, you move. You’re free! After you roll to move, your turn is over. There is a 3-turn limit for trying for a double. By your third turn in jail, if you don’t roll a double, pay M50 and move.
  4. Cheating! Your token can be secretly moved out of jail if the Escape Artist Cheat card is face up on the board!


What are the steps to cheating?

  • Make sure you keep an eye on the Cheat cards so you can plan which to use, and so you can see if other players are cheating.
  • You might need to distract other players, bluff, or use a sleight of hand to become a successful cheater.
  • You can cheat during your turn or during another player’s.

When you’re ready to cheat:

  • Do whatever’s on the cheat card. Wait for the next player to roll the dice. You got away with the cheat if you didn’t get caught before then!
  • Tell everyone how you cheated after the next player rolls the dice.
  • Take the reward described on the back of the card.
  • Place a new card face up on the board, and return the old one to the bottom of the Cheat deck.

How can I catch the cheater?

Say, “CHEAT!” when you think someone has cheated.cheated.cheated. Explain what they did before the next player rolls the dice. They must take the penalty on the back of the cheat card if they are guilty of cheating. Return the card to the bottom of the Cheat deck, and place a new one face up on the board. 

Falsely accused?

You should prove your innocence if someone accuses you of cheating. The accuser must pay you M100 if you prove it. Unless you can prove your innocence, the other players will decide if you cheated.


  • When your color set is complete, you can start buying Hotels. You don’t have to wait until your turn.
  • Pay the Hotel cost on the Title Deed card and put a Hotel on the Property.
  • There can only be one Hotel per Property.
  • In some Cheat, Chance, and Community Chest cards, you will be able to buy, move, or place Hotels on Properties that aren’t part of the complete set.
  • In the event that a Cheat, Chance, or Community Chest card instructs you to give a Property back to a Bank with a Hotel attached, the Hotel remains in place. This means that the buyer of the property pays face value for the property and gets the hotel for free!
  • Hotel properties cannot be sold back to the bank or to other players.

It must be auctioned if multiple players want to buy the last Hotel. Prices start at M10 and go up to M10. There is no turn order. Payment goes to the Bank.

Deals and Trades

You can buy, sell, or swap Property at any time. Property can be traded for cash, other Property, or Get Out of Jail Free cards. The amount is determined by the players.

What if I run out of money?

  • Can’t pay for something? Sell your property.
  • Return properties to the Bank for face value or to another player for an agreed price.
  • Sell properties back to the Bank for the amount of rent with one hotel or to another player for an agreed price. When you sell to the Bank or another player, the Hotel stays where it is. Property sets may be split.

Still in debt?
You’re out! 

Do you owe another player?
Give them all your Properties, Chances, and Community Chest cards. 

Do you owe the Bank?Property must be put up for auction immediately, and payment must go to the bank. Chance and Community Chest cards should be returned to the bottom of their respective decks. 

How do you win?

End of Game

Each player returns to the GO space when all the Properties have been purchased. When you reach GO, even if you still have moves left, stop there. Get M200. Once all players reach GO, they collect rent from the Bank for each of their Properties in turn order. 

  • Collect double rent for properties in a set
  • Collect rent for a Hotel for properties with a hotel

Player with most money wins.

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