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Learn How to Play Monopoly Speed Rules for those who hate rulebooks

I hate the hassle of reading rulebooks and wish they could get straight to the point. I wrote this guide with the aim of helping you learn how to play Monopoly Speeed quickly.
If you are looking for a Monopoly Speed overview, understand its gameplay and appeal, click here for our summary and video, click here.

Players: 2 to 4 | Game duration from: 10 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
If you are looking for the Official Monopoly Speed rules pdf / rulebook, click here.

What is the goal?

As quickly as you can, buy and trade properties. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins.


  • Each player receives five bank notes or $M5000. The rest of the money is placed in the centre of the board as the bank.
  • Organise the properties and title deeds next to their corresponding board spaces.
  • Shuffle the chance cards and the community chest. Each player should receive three chest cards and four chance cards with the rest of the cards being put away. You can examine the community chest cards, but not your chance cards.
  • Each player receives a token and a matching coloured dice, with their token placed on one of two GO spaces.
  • The timer is set aside from the board, and it only needs to be pressed once to begin play.


  • The youngest player presses the timer button to begin the game.
  • You will hear a zoom sound after the timer counts down from 3 seconds, meaning the first buying stage has begun.
  • There are four rounds in this game.
  • Each round begins with a buying stage followed by a trading stage.
  • The timer will signal the start of each stage, count down when there are 10 seconds left, and then signal the end of that stage.

Buying Stage

All players roll and buy at the same time.
The tokens move clockwise the number of spaces they have rolled and then perform the rules of their space.
Each player completes their move at the same time, and can roll again once all players have completed their action.
As the game proceeds, the buying stage per round becomes shorter.

Unowned Property

If you find an unclaimed property and wish to buy it, simply deposit M1000 into the bank and take the title deed. Not all unclaimed properties must be purchased.

Owned Property

If you land on an owned property, you don’t have to pay the owner. Simply wait until everyone has finished their turn to move again


If you pass or land on a GO space, collect M1000

Go to Jail

If you land in this area, go to Jail space.


If you land here, you do not have to pay money to get out of jail. You can keep rolling after everyone is ready.

A horn from the timer signals the end of the buying stage and begins the start of the trading stage. There are no breaks between rounds or stages.

Trading Stage

After the buying stage comes the trading stage, during which all buyers and sellers perform the same actions simultaneously in the following order

Turn over your top Chance card and read it to yourself
If a card instructs you to complete a certain action right away, you must announce that action and complete it, then discard the card.
When a card says you may keep it until you’re ready to use it, you can do so in any trading stage, keeping it secret until you’re ready to use it. Discard it once you’ve used it.

Players may buy, sell, or trade any properties, Chance cards that they’ve already turned over, or Community Chest cards as they please.
Try to make deals that will earn you Community Chest bonuses or complete property sets.
The stage ends when the horn sounds, marking the end of the round and beginning the next. Each trading stage gets longer each round as the game progresses.

At the end of the fourth trading stage, you’ll count up your cash and see who has the most.


The four red light markings indicate which round you are in. One will light up at the start of each round. When all four lights are on, you are in the final round. You can pause or start the game by pressing the timer. The game will turn off the timer if it is paused for more than 3 minutes, and progress will be lost. The timer will count down the last 10 seconds of each stage. Press and hold this button for three seconds to reset your game.

How to Win

After the fourth trading stage, you will hear the horn and then applause, which means the game has ended. Everyone stops trading and counts their money.
Adding up your cash is as follows: 1. Count any $M1000 bills you still have. 2. Count the amount shown on each of your title deeds. When you own a set, collect double rent. 3. Add bonuses from the Community Chests

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