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Quick Get Started Rules for Pay Day

Learn how to play fast with these easy to reference quick get started rules for Pay Day board game.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Pay Day rules in simple steps Pay Day rules pdf / rulebook

What is the goal of Pay Day?

At the end of one or more “months”, be the player with the most cash.

Pay Day Game Setup

  • Decide how many “months” to play (the number of times you will go through the calendar from Monday 1st to Wednesday 31st)
  • A minimum of 2 months is recommended. A 3 month game with 4 players will take an hour, 6 months will take 2 hours.
  • MAIL and DEAL cards are shuffled separately, and placed face down near the board.
  • The players select a token and places it on the Sunday START space
  • One player is the Banker, and they are responsible for all money that goes in or out of the Bank.
  • Each player receives $3500 made up of; two $1000 bills, two $500 and five $100

Pay Day Gameplay

On your turn,

  • roll die and move your token the number of days on the calendar indicated on your die. Use the track like a real calendar: Sunday to Saturday etc
  • Follow instructions on the space and your turn ends
  • Rolls a six (when moving) and win all the money placed on the Jack pot space (win nothing if there’s no money).


  • Making deals allow you to get ahead financially so take advantage when you can
  • If you don’t have enough money to buy a deal or pay your bills etc, you’ll need to take out a loan


  • Take out a loan at any time.
  • The banker gives you money. Loan Record Keeper notes it on the pad.
  • Loans must be in increments of $1000
  • Every time you land on “Pay Day”, get charged 10% of your outstanding loan balance.
  • Part or all of your loan may be paid off only on “Pay Day”. If partly paying off your loan, it must be in $1000 increments. 
  • The Record Keeper updates the loan record whenever a player takes out a new loan, crossing out the old amount and adding the new amount

Board Spaces


Land here and draw the number of Mail cards indicated on the flag.
Act immediately if instructed to. Otherwise, stack your mail face up in front of you
When you land on “Pay Day” – you must pay your bills and discard Mail cards.


Ad cards are “junk mails”, read and discard on “Pay Day”. Nothing happens with Ad cards.


Postcards are fun to read and get, however, like ads can just be discarded on “Pay Day”.


Bills must be paid at the end of the month. Hold onto them until you reach “Pay Day”. After receiving your salary, pay all bills. Take out a loan if not enough money.


Place indicated money amount in the Jackpot space. If any player (including yourself) rolls a six during the game, they win all the money currently on the Jackpot space.

Deal Spaces and Cards

Draw the top Deal card. You may buy the card immediately by paying the bank.
Loans may be taken out if needed. Discard the deal if not buying it.
You may have as many Deals as you can afford at any given time.
Hold your deal until you land on a Found a Buyer space where you will be able to cash in the card for the increased value. The bank pays you.
You may only sell one deal at a time.
Any unsold deal cards at the end of the game have no value.

Other Board Spaces


If you land on this space, roll the die again. You win $1000 times the roll of the die. (Rolling a 5 wins you $5000 from the bank)


  • The bank puts in $1000, and each player has option of putting in $100 to join lottery
  • Lottery players pick different numbers from 1 to 6, starting with player who landed on lottery space, followed by player on the left.
  • Whoever landed on the lottery space rolls the die and the player whose number is rolled wins all the money. Keep rolling if no one’s picked number has been rolled.

Radio Contest

Starting with the player who landed on this space, everyone rolls the die. The highest roll wins $1000 from the bank. If there is a tie, the tying players roll again,

Found a Buyer

If you own a deal, you can now sell it to the bank for the value listed on your deal card.
You can only sell one Deal at a time. If you don’t have any deals, this space is a resting spot.

Happy Birthday

You receive $100 from each player if you land on this space.

Fun Day

Place $200 in the Jackpot space.

Buy Groceries

Place $200 on the Jackpot space

Yard Sale

This allows you to get a great deal on a deal. Draw the top card from the Deal pile and roll the die. You must pay the bank $100 times the number you rolled and the deal is now yours at a discounted price!

Family Casino Night

Roll the die. If you roll an odd number, collect $500 from the bank. If you roll an even number, you must place $500 in the Jackpot space.

Charity Walk

Roll the die. All players except you must donate $100 times the number you rolled to charity (the Jackpot space).


You can never land on this space, however if you roll a six when moving around the board, you win all the money currently on the Jackpot space.

Pay Day

  • Stop here even if you rolled a number that takes you past this space.
  • You must do the following in this order:
    • Collect monthly salary of $3500 from the bank
    • Pay 10% interest to the bank if you have a loan
    • Pay off all or part of your loan (in $1000 increments) if you wish.
    • Pay off all bills you have received this month. Take or increase a loan if needed.
    • Discard bills in your Mail Card discard pile.
    • Move your token back to Start. You’ll start a new month on your next turn.
    • At the end of the last month of play, discard any unsold deal cards.

Note: Once PAY DAY on the agreed last month of play is reached, retire from the game and wait for others to finish. You may still play the Lottery, Radio Contest, Happy Birthday and Charity Walk if they come up while you’re waiting.

How to Win in Pay Day?

Once all players have completed the agreed-upon number of months and completed everything required on Pay Day, players tally their net worth by counting their cash and subtracting any outstanding loans.

Player with highest net worth wins. If all players end the game in debt, the player with the lowest amount of debt wins!

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