How to play Spirit Island Easy Game Setup

I hate reading rulebooks and wish they would be more straight forward. This How to Play Spirit Island rules guide was written with the hope of helping you get your game started quick. This section covers the game setup. Click here for gameplay instructions.

Find out more about Spirit Island if you are looking for a quick overview of the game.

Spirit Island

The game uses one Island Board per player to form an Island, with each board featuring lands and an ocean.

Spirit Island Rulebook - board and lands


The Dahan, native to Spirit Island, only attack invaders when urged by Spirit Powers or if attacked first.

Everything to know about the Dahan in Spirit Island board game

Game components



Game setup

Spirit Island 3

Setup Invader Board

  • Put 4 Fear Markers per player into Fear Pool
  • Put Invader Board one side of play area
  • Shuffle Fear Cards
    • Put 9 cards on Fear Deck Space (deck is divided into 3 group s of cards)
      • Place Terror Level 3 Divider 3 cards from bottom
      • Place Terror Level 2 Divider 3 cards above that

Take a random Blight Card and place it on top of the Blight Space on the board, “Healthy Island” side up, without looking at the back. If you are not using a Blight Card, use the Blight instructions printed on the Invader Board instead. Place the shown amount of Blight onto the card.

Spirit Island 4

Island and Supply

  • Setting up of Island (Randomly pick one island board per player)
    • Arrange to form an island and populate with Invader Cards as indicated by icons on the board
      • Dahan
      • Blight
  • Supply
    • Shuffle Minor and Major Power Decks
    • Put supply markers near the board
      • Energy
      • Cities
      • Towns
      • Explorers
      • Dahan
Spirit Island 5

Player Setup

  • Players choose their colour and Spirit Panel
  • Each player takes Spirit Presence Markers of their colour
  • Each player takes Single Turn Effect Markers of their colour
  • Players start on different Island Boards and follow setup instructions on the back of their Spirit Panel
Spirit Island 6
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