Easy to refer to and read Telestrations rules. We summarise the Telestration game instructions to provide you with easy online references to the game objectives and directions.

Suitable for 4 – 8 players | 30 – 30 mins duration | Recommended age 12+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Humour,Party Game,Real-time Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No
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What is the goal? #

Be the first player to win the highest total in cash and prizes

Setup #

  • Put the card box, sand timer, clean-up cloths, and die in the middle
  • Together choose the cards you will be using – “This Side” or “That Side”
  • Players choose a sketchbook, a marker, and a card
  • Be sure to write down your name in your sketchbook and remember your coil’s colour

Gameplay #

Below are the Telestration game directions for each round.

Step 1 Getting a word #

  • Choose a player to roll the die and start the round.
  • Match the number with the word from your card.
Telestrations 1
  • Secretly record the word. Don’t share it with anyone.
telestrations game instructions
  • You are allowed to make up any word(s) you like if there is a blank space on your card matching the rolled number. Underlined categories, like “TV SHOW”, can be any word you want in that category.

Step 2 How many players are playing? #

  • EVEN players playing (4,6, 8)
    Go to “Sketch It” page 1. Now, draw your word secretly and go on to step 3.
  • ODD players (5 or 7)
    Go to “Sketch It” page 1 and then pass the book to the player on the left.
    When the player secretly sees your word, they prepare to draw it on “Sketch It” page 1.
    Now move on to step 3.

Step 3 Sketchin #

Everyone should be on “Sketch It” page 1. Flip the timer. Draw the word in 60 seconds. After the time runs out, finish it up. Don’t leave it blank! Hide your sketch on page 2 and pass open the book to the player on your left.

Step 4 Guessin #

Yo u should now be on “Guess It” Page 2. Take a look at the sketch on the previous page. Write your guess on page 2. Flip forward to the next page and pass your book to your left.

Step 5 Round and Round it Goes #

Flip the 60 seconds timer. Each player sketches, passes, and guesses until they get their own book back. Be sure to note the colour of your sketchbook coil so you know it’s yours.

Step 6 The Big Reveal #

Having received your books back, it’s time for the big reveal! Share your sketches and guessing outcomes in your book as you flip through it!

Helpful Hints #

Do not use letters or numbers
Don’t put a question mark or leave the page blank

How to Win #

Scoring #

During each round, players will record their points on the score sheet at the front of their book. A game is played in 3 rounds. Total your points after 3 rounds. The player with the most points wins!

Friendly Scoring #

After you reveal the outcomes in your own book:
Give 1 point to the player whose sketch was your favourite in your book
Give 1 point to the player whose guess was your favourite
Give yourself 1 point if the last guess matches the secret word.

Competitive Scoring #

Each guesser earns 1 point if they match the secret word or previous guesses
The sketcher gets a point if the guesser matches the sketch
You get 1 point if the last guess matches your secret word

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