Best drawing board games for families as well as adults only

Hosting a game night party? Drawing board games are a sure way to get everyone to interact and have fun. Get prepared for laughs as you observe the doodles and sketches of players of various drawing skill levels. In this section, we introduce some of the best drawing board games for families

Pictionary – The classic drawing charades game

Players: 3 to 16 | Game duration from: 85 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play Pictionary rules in simple steps

Pictionary doodle that one has to guess
Cam you guess this doodle?

This classic drawing game, where your sketching skills (or hilarious lack thereof) take center stage, is a surefire way to spark joy and giggles among friends and family. Imagine the uproar as players attempt to decipher doodles ranging from the absurdly simple to the mind-bogglingly complex. It’s not just a test of artistic talent; Pictionary is a celebration of creativity, quick thinking, and the joy of just letting loose.
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Pictionary Air – Draw in the air with your special pen and make them guess!

Players: 3 to 12 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Pictionary Air rules pdf / rulebook

If you think Pictionary brings the laughs, wait until you try Pictionary Air! This innovative twist on the classic game takes the hilarity to new heights, quite literally. Using a special pen, players draw in the air, with their sketches appearing on a screen for all to see. Imagine the room erupting in laughter as friends and family try to interpret these invisible, floating doodles. It’s a magical blend of technology, creativity, and pure silliness.

Best drawing board games for families as well as adults only 1

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Telestrations – Can guess your drawing and continue the message?

Players: 4 to 8 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

How to play Telestrations rules in simple steps
Telestrations rules pdf / rulebook

 Picture this: it’s like the classic game of “telephone,” but with a hilarious drawing twist. Each player starts by sketching a word, then passes it on, with the next person guessing what they see, and so on. The results? A chain of misinterpreted drawings and guesses that are downright hysterical. Whether you’re artistically inclined or can barely draw a stick figure, Telestrations ensures everyone’s in stitches. It’s perfect for family gatherings, parties, or any casual get-together.

Best drawing board games for families as well as adults only 2

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Doodle Face – How good can you sketch your friend?

Players: 3 to | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Doodle Face Game rules pdf / rulebook

Doodle Face” is the uproarious drawing game that will have everyone in stitches from the get-go! It’s a unique and amusing twist on the classic drawing game, where players create and guess each other’s silly and exaggerated facial sketches. The real fun begins as players try to match doodles to their friends, leading to a burst of laughter when these wildly imaginative portraits are revealed. Ideal for family gatherings, parties, or just a casual hangout,

Doodle Face game doodle
Can you imagine doodling someone’s face?

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Artsy Fartsy

Players: 4 to 12 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Artsy Fartsy rules pdf / rulebook

Artsy Fartsy is not your average drawing game. It’s a game filled with art and laughter! Picture yourself attempting to sketch and guess some of the wildest, most unpredictable prompts you can imagine, all while racing against the clock. 

Artsy Fartsy topics

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Monsdrawsity – can you complete the monster sketch?

Players: 3 to 8 | Game duration from: 5 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
MonsDRAWsity rules pdf / rulebook

“Monsdrawsity” is an absolute riot of a drawing game that turns your creative skills upside down in the most hilarious way. Picture this: players glimpse a bizarre monster for mere seconds before attempting to recreate it from memory. The catch? These monsters are outrageously weird and whimsical! Each reveal is a burst of laughter as players unveil their wildly varied interpretations of these wacky creatures. Perfect for players of all ages, “Monsdrawsity” is the ideal game for family nights, parties, or any gathering where fun and laughter are on the agenda.

Best drawing board games for families as well as adults only 3

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Adults Only Drawing section!

Telestrations After Dark

Players: 4 to 8 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Telestrations After Dark rules pdf / rulebook

Get ready to spice up your game nights with “Telestrations After Dark,” the adult version of the beloved drawing game! Imagine the laughter as each player tries to decipher and draw adult-themed prompts, leading to a cascade of increasingly outrageous and side-splitting interpretations. Perfect for an adults-only gathering or a friends’ night in, “Telestrations After Dark” promises to deliver belly laughs and blush-inducing fun. 

Adults only game - Telestrations After Dark

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Drawing Without Dignity

Players: 4 to 12 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Drawing without Dignity rules pdf / rulebook

“Drawing Without Dignity” is the perfect game for adults looking for a dose of unrestrained fun and laughter. This uproarious drawing game takes a cheeky turn from the traditional, steering into the realm of risqué and borderline outrageous. It’s like Pictionary’s mischievous cousin, where players are challenged to sketch and guess prompts that are decidedly not safe for work. Ideal for a grown-up game night or a cheeky party, the hilarity unfolds as you and your friends try to capture and interpret the audacious and often hilarious prompts. Filled with innuendos and humor, “Drawing Without Dignity” is a fantastic way to let loose, laugh uncontrollably, and revel in a bit of naughtiness, all in good fun!

Drawing without Dignity board game
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