How to Play The Price is Right

Reading rulebooks is a chore. In this how to play the game Price is Right rules guide, I attempt to help you save time by providing concise and essential instructions to get the game started.
Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: mins | Game Complexity: EASY 

Click The Price Is Right Game: DVD Edition rules pdf / rulebook if you would like the official rules.

If you are looking for a quick overview of The Price is Right, its gameplay and what makes it fun, click here to find out more.

The goal of the game Price is Right

Be the first player to win the highest total in cash and prizes.

Setting up the Price is Right game

When setting up the game Price is Right,

  • You will need 6 players OR for a one player game, play for your personal high score without the Showcase.
  • Deal the 6 Big Boards to all 6 players
  • The first 4 players will form Contestant’s row with the bid board markers. This is done by drawing cards, with the four highest card values getting the top four spots.
  • Insert DVD into the player. The main menu will appear after a short introduction.
  • When navigating the Main Menu and Contestant’s Row, choose one player to operate the remote, but for all Pricing Games, the player in turn will handle the remote.
  • Navigate between menu items, products, and prices with the arrow keys on your remote. Select a menu, product, or price with the centre, play, or enter buttons.
  • Click on START GAME on the Main Menu. You will then be able to select the number of contestants, and the game will start with the FIRST ITEM on Contestant’s Row.

How to Play The Price is Right in Simple Steps

There are 4 stages in the game:

Contestant’s Row

Each player bids on a prize, and the player who bids closest without going over moves on to the pricing round.
(No two players are allowed to have the same bid).

Pricing Game

One of twelve pricing games awaits the Contestant’s Row winner

Showcase Showdown

Every player gets a turn at the big wheel. The two players who come closest to one dollar, without going over, advance to The Showcase.

The Showcase

The player who has won the most is first to bid. The first showcase will either be bid or passed, then showcase number two will be displayed and player one will bid. The showcase winner is closest to the retail price, without going over.

Gameplay for 6 players

Play for the game Price is Right proceeds as shown below:

Contestant’s Row Game #1
Pricing Game #1

Player 5 fills in for the first Contestant’s Row winner.
Contestant’s Row Game #2
Pricing Game #2

Player 6 fills in for the second Contestant’s Row winner.
Contestant’s Row Game #3
Pricing Game #3

Showcase Showdown #1
Contestant’s Row Game #4
Pricing Game #4

Contestant’s Row Game #5
Pricing Game #5

Pricing Game #6

Showcase Showdown #2
The Showcases

The DVD host will tell you how to play for each stage. Record any winnings you may have accumulated on your bid board after each stage of the game.

How to Win

The Player who wins the Showcase wins the game.

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