How to Play Jumanji

Learn How to Play Jumanji with our summary of the key rules and instructions to get your game started quickly.

What is the goal?

Be first to reach the gameboard center and call out JUMANJI!

Jumanji Game setup

  1. Shuffle the danger cards and place them face-down to the right of the gameboard.
  2. If you choose the blue pawn, it starts on the blue or orange START space. If you choose the red pawn, it starts on the red or green START space.
  3. Position the stampede-ready rhino in its home near the gameboard.
  4. Both players take one rescue die to roll.

Jumanji Game Setup diagram

How to Play Jumanji Gameplay in Simple Steps

  • Randomly select one person to start first. Play proceeds clockwise. Always keep the timer, numbered die, and rescue die in front of you on your turn.
  • On your turn: Roll the die and move your pawn the number rolled, counting each space as “1”. Remember, head for the game center.
    IMPORTANT: Follow game space directions only on your turn.

Jumanji Board Spaces

Jumanji blank space

Blank Space

Draw a danger card, place it faceup under the decoder, and read it aloud. Announce the secret symbol and number. The secret symbol corresponds to an image on the rescue die, while the number indicates the number of spaces that can be moved on the path.

  • Start the countdown. Flip the timer and shout “Go.”
  • ]Your teammate races against the timer, rolling until matching the secret symbol on the card is rolled or time runs out.
    The hourglass symbol is “Wild.” If it’s rolled that’s a match, too!

If every roll is a match, your pawn remains in place. Your turn ends. The other player moves their pawn the number of spaces on the card, without following the directions on the space. The card goes to the discard pile.

If a roll doesn’t match, move back on the path according to the card. Your turn ends, but your fellow player remains. The card joins the Countdown to Doomsday..



Jumanji wait for 5 or 8 space

Wait for 5 or 8 Space

You’re stuck here… Until your fellow player rolls a 5 or 8 to rescue you!
Your fellow player rolls the numbered die for you.

If a 5 or 8 is rolled:

  • both you and the roller are safe and remain where you are.

If a 5 or 8 is not rolled,

  • move your pawn back one space on the path
  • Your fellow player continues rolling until a 5 or 8 is tossed. Each unsuccessful roll moves you back one space.

When moving your pawn backward, follow the directions for each space you move onto.

There is no penalty for the unsuccessful roller. 

If you’re moved back to the Start space, stay there. Your turn is done.

Jumanji Jungle Space

Jungle Space 

Draw a danger card. Both of you roll quickly at the same time to save each other.

A danger card is drawn and decoded. The secret symbol and number are called out. You and your fellow player are both stuck here and must rescue each other.

One of you shouts “Go” and starts the timer. Roll your rescue dice rapidly, racing against time. Keep rolling until both of you toss an image that matches the secret symbol on the card or time runs out.

If all players roll a match

  • You’re both rescued and can move your pawns ahead of the number of spaces indicated by the card.
  • Neither of you follows landed-on space directions.
  • The card is placed in the discard pile. Your turn is over!

If all players do not roll a match,

you both stay stuck on the path. The danger card is added to the Countdown I to Doomsday. Another card is drawn and decoded, and deja vu! Both of you must roll again trying to match the new symbol. The same actions and consequences continue until all rolls are successful. 

WATCH OUT! Several danger cards can be added to the Countdown to Doomsday on a player’s turn before a rescue occurs. 1


Jumanji Rhino Space

Rhino Space

A rhino can halt your progress until a lucky roll sets you free.

If you land here, you have the option to block your opponent by placing the rhino figure in front of their pawn. The block remains until either of you rolls an EVEN number on your regular turns. Once that happens, the rhino figure is removed from the gameboard and the path is clear.

If you’re the stuck player on your turn while blocked by the rhino, follow the direction for your current space.


As the blocked player, if you move backward on the path, the rhino moves with you, always occupying the space directly in front.

Jumanji Doomsday Grid

Doomsday Grid

Playing Jumanji is a time race! Unsuccessful rolls lead to accumulating danger cards in the 10-card formation.

If all 10 cards are placed before reaching the gameboard center, both players lose. Another game must be played until there’s a winner.


Additional Movement Rules

  • Two cannot be on the same space at the same time. If your pawn ends on an occupied space move ahead to the next open space.
  • Always move the full count of your die toss, unless a rhino figure blocks your path or you are trying to enter the gameboard center.

How do you win?

Be the first player to reach the gameboard center by counting exactly and shouting “Jumanji” to win. Roll the die on your turn or on another player’s turn with a danger card move. If the number is higher than needed, stay put and follow the space’s instructions.

If all 10 card positions are filled on the Countdown to Doomsday grid before any player reaches the game center, there is no winner.

For an extra challenge, start the game with 5 cards already in position in the Countdown to Doomsday.

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