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What are Abstract Strategy Games?

Abstract Strategy game of othello

Abstract Strategy games typically have the following features:

  • usually 2 player based
  • players have perfect information about their opponent’s options
  • luckless – games are driven by skill and not randomness
  • short and complete rules

Traditional examples of Abstract Strategy games are chess, Othello and Go.

In recent years, we have seen new types of Abstract Strategy games emerge. These games provide some background theme but the elements of abstract strategy are still in place.

What are Abstract Strategy Games? 2

For example, the game Azul involves players having perfect information and competing to complete patterns. 

What can you expect when you play Abstract Strategy games?

Playing such games will require you to analyse far ahead to make the best game decisions with a high degree of certainty with how the outcome will play out.

There is also a degree of player interaction where one is making judgements about how an opponent will react under certain game situations.

If Abstract Strategy fits your type of play, check out our recommended top 10 Abstract Strategy games to play.

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