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Strategies on how to win at Uno

Are you looking to increase your chances of winning at Uno? This post lists the different possible Uno strategies to help you win.

If you are still unsure of the Uno rules, you can check out our easy guide on how to play Uno.

We have listed strategies based on research across various websites and resources. With these tips, your friends will ask you about how to win at Uno!

Which cards to focus on to get an advantage in Uno?

Focus on keeping play on the longest suit of cards in your hand.

While focusing on your longest Uno card suit (cards with matching colours), continue to count and monitor the cards of your opponents and prioritise discarding cards where your opponents are least likely to match.

Play high-value (point) cards early as they count to your opponent’s score if you have them on hand at the end of the game.

When to play Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards?

Hold onto your Wild cards as long as possible as it can be used at any time of the game.

If Wild is your only option in the game, drawing one card instead of using the Wild card is the preferred strategy.

Wild Draw 4 is good if you can play it when you only have a few cards left in your hand and can still say Uno. The cards the other players draw will count towards your points.

When to play Skip and Draw 2s in Uno?

In a 2 player game, playing Skip and Draw 2s early improves your chances of winning. Doing this allows one to play 2 turns and discard their cards faster than their opponents. It helps one get into a Uno winning position before opponents can do anything.

When to play reverse card in Uno?

When an opponent is left with their last Uno card, try not to play the reverse card if it reduces the number of turns it takes for that opponent to place their winning card.

Keep track of your opponents last colour played card

When your opponents have one card left, note the colour of the last colour card they played and avoid playing it.

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