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7 wonders strategy tips to help you WIN

To win in 7 wonders, you need to efficiently draft cards that will give you more victory points than your opponents in the set amount of time.  Here are some 7 wonders strategy tips to increase your chances of winning.

If you still are unsure of how to play 7 wonders, you can check out our easy-to-read how-to-play guide.

Overall 7 Wonders Strategy Playing Tips

Recognise the strength of your Wonder

Wonder abilities increase in value and cost. You should focus on gaining resources to help you maximize your Wonder’s abilities.

At different points in the game, using Wonder is the most effective option, so you want to be in the position to use it.

Opponents who are aware of your Wonder strategy may work against you. Watch out for them. You should also keep track of their Wonder strategy.

Be aware of the resource needs of your opponents

Determine when you should disrupt or block your opponent’s plans (especially the one on your left).

In case someone is pursuing the Science path (once they reach it, they become very powerful), try to keep some key science cards to block them.

Earn a premium or gain valuable assets by monopolizing resources required by your opponents

Be quick to shift strategy to reach your end goal

Build upon your options in each ACT to reach your end goal.

Observe opponent strategies and actions and anticipate the impact it may have in upcoming ACTs and be prepared to change course.

Go hard or go home in Science

The benefit of Science is that they score overwhelming higher as you progress further down its path. The downside is that it scores below average in the early stages.
If pursuing this path, you will need to go hard and strong and ensure you reap the benefits of the higher than average scores awarded by Science.

Military has its benefits

You can benefit from a 18 point run with just 4-5 cards. However, the maximum points you can get is 18.

Easy points with Culture

With three points, the baths are the most valuable culture card in the first age, but it also costs resources. Nevertheless, if you have that stone resource available, it is a good grab since it allows you to obtain the most valuable culture card in the second age for free – the aqueduct card. The aqueduct typically costs three of the same resource, so there’s a good chance it wheels around to you too.

Have a target for the points you wish to achieve each Era

Average point score of 4.5 per card overall is required to be in the winning range.
In each era, 3, 5 and 7 points are good levels of points to be scoring with every play.

Take note of turn order with Science, Guilds and Military

Science, Guilds and Military will depend on the right cards reaching you, hence certain strategies can be foiled by others. The turn order is important here.

Final tips

Understand the powers of your Wonder and how it impacts your neighbour’s gameplay.

Block opponents from moves that score above average points.

You have 18 moves so make sure they are effective and worthwhile. Is your move helping you achieve your benchmark score required? Is your move preventing your opponents from achieving the benchmark score.

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