Trivia Questions on Food Quiz – Bronze Round

At Daroolz, we love trivia games! If you do, try out our trivia questions on food quiz. We have 3 rounds of quizzes: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you have signed up as a Daroolz community member and successfully complete the quiz (scoring 20/20), you will be awarded virtual achievement badges and trivia gems. Compete with the rest of the community members to see who has the most gems!

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Food Trivia Quiz Round 1
In what country were the first Michelin stars awarded to street food vendors?
With what American city is the cheesesteak sandwich commonly associated?
How many herbs and spices are in the original KFC recipe?
What is the oldest soft drink in the United States?
Choux and filo are types of what?
What food doesn't go bad?
Which band was first to ever appear on a lunchbox?
What was the first fast food chain in China?
What dessert are you ordering in Italy if it’s made of coffee and ice cream?
What fruit (or vegetable) can erase pen marks?
What animal does mozzarella cheese originally come from?
What are the 2 most popular spices in the world?
What fish is the base of Worchester Sauce?
What do the 2 Ms in M&Ms stand for?
True or False: Potatoes can help test Wi-Fi signals.
What is the only fruit with seeds on the outside?
What was the original tagline for SPAM?
What does piri piri mean?
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