Should I Play It’s Obvious?

Is It's Obvious fun to play?
It’s Obvious

Players: 3 – 6 players | Game Duration 20 – 30 mins |
Min. Age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Deduction, Party Game
Solo game mode: No | Co-op: Yes |
Online Version: No

What is It’s Obvious about?

It’s Obvious is all about predicting how your friends will answer a series of hilarious and thought-provoking questions.

How to Play

What sets It’s Obvious apart from other party games is its clever use of game mechanics. Instead of simply guessing the right answer, players must try to predict which friend will choose which answer. This adds an extra layer of strategy and fun to the game, as you try to outsmart your opponents.

One thing I particularly love about It’s Obvious is its versatility. The game can accommodate a wide range of players – from small groups of 3-4 people to larger gatherings of up to 8 players. And with its quick setup and easy-to-understand rules, it’s the perfect game to bring out at any gathering or party.

Who Can Play

In my opinion, the perfect audience for It’s Obvious is anyone who enjoys a good laugh and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s also great for those who love social deduction games but want a fresh twist on the genre.

What Makes It Fun

But what truly makes It’s Obvious a hit among my friends is its humor. The questions range from silly and absurd to thought-provoking and controversial, making for some hilarious moments and lively debates. I have never laughed so hard while playing a board game!

And it’s not just me – everyone I’ve introduced to It’s Obvious has become an instant fan. Whether they are die-hard board game enthusiasts or casual players, the game never fails to entertain and bring people together.


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