What is Scythe about?

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What is Scythe about?


Scythe is a game based on engine-building mechanics. The theme is set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war. In Scythe, each player takes on a character from one of five factions of Eastern Europe. These factions are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their faction’s stake in the land.

The game involves players doing the following:

  • conquering territory,
  • enlisting new recruits,
  • growing resources,
  • gaining villagers and building structures, and
  • activating gigantic mechs.

Players start the game with different resources (power, coins, combat acumen, and popularity), different starting locations, and a hidden objective.

Starting positions are based on each faction’s uniqueness.

There is minimal luck in the game. The only elements of luck are “encounter” cards that players will draw as they interact with the citizens of newly explored lands. Each encounter card will provide players with several options, allowing them to minimise the outcome of the events that occur as a result of drawing the card. Combat is also driven by choices, not luck.

Am action-selection mechanism (no rounds or phases) is adopted in Scythe to keep gameplay moving quickly and reduce downtime between turns. There is also no player elimination.

The game adopts plenty of engine building elements:

  • players can upgrade actions to become more efficient,
  • build structures that improve their position on the map,
  • enlist new recruits to enhance character abilities,
  • activate mechs to deter opponents from invading and
  • expand their borders to reap greater types and quantities of resources

These aspects provide players with a sense of achievement and progress.

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    • Great engine building mechanics
    • Strategic and deep thinking gameplay
    • Beautiful artwork
    • Low downtime


    • Not for those who want a short play game

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 14
    Estimated Game Time 105 min
    Min number of players 1
    Max number of players 5
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