Incohearant Game Rules How to Play Guide

2 -20+  players

20 – 40 mins

Age: 17 +

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What is the goal?

Each card has a combination of words on the front.

When you recite the words, it sounds like the phrase written on the back.

For example, reciting “thirds teeth or stay” loudly, sounds like “thirsty Thursday.” 

Compete to decode the phrases before the timer runs out.

Incohearant card game examples
Incohearant Card Game Examples
Some Incohearant Card Game examples

Here are some Incohearant Card Game Examples:

‘though wok calves aim’ is decoded into “the walk of shame”

‘real agents sip gulls’ is decoded into “relationship goals”


Free for All (for smaller groups)

Each round is

  • 60 secs long or
  • until 3 cards are decoded.

In the round:

  • Choose 1 person to be the Judge, who starts round by:
    • flipping the timer
    • holding up the front of the card
  • Everyone else is a TRANSLATOR who:
    • reads the front of the card and tries to decode
  • 1st person to decode wins the card
  • Judge is allowed to reveal 1 hint
  • If no one wins the card or everyone decides to pass, the Judge pulls the next card
  • The round ends when:
    • the timer runs out or
    • 3 cards have been decoded
  • Next Translator (in a counter-clockwise direction) becomes the Judge
  • 1st player to decode 13 cards is the winner

Squad-Up (for Bigger Groups)

  • Split into 2 teams
  • Each team will play 3 rounds
  • The team that has decoded more cards at the end wins
  • If tied, each team selects a translator for a sudden death showdown
  • The translator who decodes the card 1st wins the game for the team

How do you win?

For Free for all, the player who decodes 13 cards is the winner.

For Squad-Up, the team that had decoded the most cards at the end of 3 rounds wins.

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