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Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better

Looking for games similar to that of Cluedo or Clue? Looking for games that test one’s deduction skills? Here is a list of deduction or detective board games that you should check out.

Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better 1


Players: 2 to 7 | Game duration from: 40 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Mysterium rules pdf / rulebook

Get ready to enter the haunting world of “Mysterium” – an exciting board game of supernatural investigation. One player is a friendly ghost and the others are psychic detectives, but the twist is that the ghost cannot speak! The ghost’s mission? To guide the psychics to uncover the truth about their untimely demise through a series of eerie, dreamlike vision cards. 
As a psychic, you’re trying to interpret these visions to figure out who the ghost was, where the murder happened, and what the weapon was. It’s like a ghostly game of “Clue” with a dash of surreal art thrown in. 
“Mysterium” is all about communication, collaboration, and a whole lot of laughs. You’ll find yourself arguing over whether that apple in the vision means the kitchen or if the ghost is just a fan of fruit! 

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Detective Board Games - Unsolved Case Files Jamie Banks

Unsolved Case Files: Jamie Banks

Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 120 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

It’s like diving into your very own detective novel. You’ll sift through realistic evidence, from newspaper clippings to police reports, and even witness statements. The attention to detail here is top-notch – you’ll feel like you’re actually working a real case!

But here’s where it gets super fun: there’s no set path in this investigation. You and your friends get to decide how to piece together the clues. Think outside the box, make connections, and maybe even have those wild “Aha!” moments. The goal? Solve the mystery of what really happened to Jamie Banks.

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Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better 2

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Players: 1 to 8 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murder and Other Cases rules pdf / rulebook

A game that’s all about cracking some of the most intriguing cases alongside the world’s most famous detective. No board, no dice, just pure deductive intrigue!

There’s no linear path to follow. You decide where to go, whom to interrogate, and which leads to pursue. Each case is a brain-teasing puzzle where you connect the dots in your own unique way. You’ll be comparing notes, debating theories, and chasing down false leads. 

What makes “Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective” a blast is the freedom it gives you. It’s like an open-world video game, but in board game form. You can follow a hunch to an opium den in East London, check the archives for old cases, or even track down that one suspect who seems a bit fishy. The goal? To solve the case more efficiently than Holmes himself – a challenging yet thrilling endeavor!
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Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better 3

Detective A Modern Crime Board Game

Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: 120 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM

In “Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game”, you’re part of a team of detectives using cutting-edge tools to solve five interconnected cases.

“Detective” mixes the physical components of a board game with digital elements. You’ll be scouring the internet, checking the game’s online database, and matching fingerprints – all from your game table.

Every decision counts, and the clock is always ticking. You’ll have to manage your time and resources wisely. Will you visit the crime scene or interview that key witness? The cases are richly detailed, offering a deep narrative experience that unfolds with each choice you make. And the best part? The stories are so gripping, you’ll feel like you’re actually living them.

“Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game” is more than just a game; it’s a brain-teasing journey through complex mysteries that require sharp wits and keen observation.
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Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better 4

5 Minute Mystery

Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 5 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
5-Minute Mystery rules pdf / rulebook


Buckle up, detectives, for a fast-paced, heart-racing sleuthing adventure with “5-Minute Mystery”! This game is the perfect blend of quick-thinking, keen observation, and a race against time. Imagine the thrill of classic mystery-solving, but in a turbo-charged setting where you have just five minutes to crack the case. Each game is a whirlwind of clue-finding and symbol-matching, as you and your fellow detectives scour beautifully illustrated cards for hidden symbols to catch the culprit.

The fun kicks off with a crime, and then it’s a frantic dash through various scenes, flipping cards, and hunting for those elusive symbols that match the ones on your codex. The clock is ticking, and teamwork is key. Shout out the symbols you find, match them up, and move closer to revealing the suspect. It’s like a detective-themed, spot-the-difference game on steroids!

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Like Cluedo? Check out these detective murder mystery games that are much better 5

Micro Macro Crime City

Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
MicroMacro: Crime City rules pdf / rulebook


Imagine a sprawling, detailed city map laid out before you, teeming with tiny black-and-white scenes – from shady deals in dark alleys to everyday city life. 

In “MicroMacro: Crime City,” you don’t just solve one crime; you unravel a tapestry of interlinked mysteries. Each case is a standalone story, but as you explore more, you start to see the bigger picture of what’s really going down in Crime City. The gameplay is refreshingly simple yet brilliantly engaging: you find clues and follow leads directly on the map, like a Where’s Waldo of crime scenes.

What makes this game a hoot is the sheer joy of poring over the detailed map, spotting tiny but significant details that crack cases wide open. You’ll be leaning in close, pointing out suspicious characters, and connecting the dots from scene to scene. It’s part investigation, part I-spy, and 100% addictive

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