Like less luck and more skill? Try Living Card Card Games.

What are Living Card Games?

I’ve always been intrigued by card games like Pokemon, but the only thing that puts me off is the pay-to-win nature of spending dollars for booster packs and relying on luck to get that one powerful card for our deck. Living Card Games seem to have solved my angst. In a living card game, you build your playing deck with cards released in fixed sets rather than adding cards that you uncover by chance from purchased booster packs.

This means you have control over what cards you add to your decks and can strategize accordingly. A living card game usually involves ongoing storylines, and new sets of cards are released periodically.

LCGs also reward dedicated players who invest time and effort into mastering the game. There is greater emphasis on strategy and critical thinking, and is not solely determined by luck and one’s ability to purchase booster packs. Winning success comes from careful planning, resource management, and adapting to different situations.

Below is a list of some of the Best Living Card Games.

Android Netrunner

A dystopian cyberpunk world awaits two players in Android: Netrunner. Produced by Fantasy Flight Games, it is part of the Android universe. Monolithic megacorps own and control most human interests, while runners or hackers, undermine them.

The game pits a runner against a megacorporation, with each player using their cards to either defend corporate data or try to steal it. The game’s setting includes artificially intelligent bioroids and genetically modified clones working alongside cyborgs, g-modded humans, and naturals.

Unfortunately, Android: Netrunner was discontinued in 2018. However, the game remains popular, with an active online community and fan-made extensions keeping the game alive. Find out more about Android Netrunner here.

Arkham Horror Card Game

Like less luck and more skill? Try Living Card Card Games. 1

Arkham Horror the Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game where players are investigators traversing through the uncanny and mysterious landscapes of the Lovecraftian town of Arkham, Massachusetts. Each player chooses a character and uses that character’s deck of cards, which includes unique assets, skills, and weaknesses.

In the game, draw for your card deck to equip yourself with weapons, spells, allies, and other items. These are used to explore various locations in Arkham. As you move between locations, work together to investigate and uncover the hidden mysteries. While doing so, you will encounter dangerous situations and battle terrifying creatures.

Each of you will have the opportunity to take actions such as playing cards, using abilities, and performing attacks. The ultimate goal of the game is to successfully complete multiple scenarios by solving puzzles and defeating foes, while avoiding becoming overwhelmed and losing sanity or health points. To win the game, players must progress through each of the stages in the scenario.

Arkham Horror the Card Game offers a thrilling and complex gameplay experience that requires strategic thinking, careful planning, and effective communication between players.

Ashes Reborn

Like less luck and more skill? Try Living Card Card Games. 2

Ashes Reborn: Rise of the Phoenixborn is a fantasy-themed Living Card Game. The game features innovative deck-building and dice-rolling mechanics. Ashes Reborn is set in a world where powerful magic-wielders known as Phoenixborns battle for supremacy using their mystical abilities, loyal allies, and devastating spells. The game has a rich narrative with captivating characters and breathtaking art that immerses players into a world of magic and adventure. With multiple expansion packs available, the game provides limitless possibilities, allowing players to customize their decks and strategies to fit their play style. It is a game that rewards tactical thinking, careful planning, and bold moves.

Lord of the Rings Card Game

Lord of the Rings Card Game cards

The Lord of the Rings Card Game is designed for two players and takes place in the vast and richly detailed world of Middle-earth. Taking on the roles of heroes from the books, players embark on thrilling quests and adventures.

You build your decks from a wide variety of cards that represent characters, events, and items from the Lord of the Rings universe. You will select a band of heroes to lead your fellowship and equip them with powerful weapons and artifacts.

Play is based on quests, represented by quest cards. During quests, players must overcome challenges and obstacles together.

The artwork on the cards is beautifully illustrated and the game also features a deep and strategic gameplay system that requires careful planning and decision-making.

Like other Living Card Games, you can build your own decks using the vast array of available cards from released fixed sets, allowing for endless possibilities and strategies.

Marvel Champions

A cooperative Living card game based on the Marvel Universe.

In Marvel Champions, you take on the role of a Marvel hero. Each hero has a unique deck that represent their powers and abilities. The game sets players against notorious Marvel villains, like Ultron or Rhino, each villain presenting unique challenges and requiring different strategies to defeat.

The Marvel Champions card game narrative is dynamic and immersive, with evolving scenarios that depend on the villain’s schemes and heroes’ actions. Deck-building strategy is key and you will need to work with others to combine your heroes’ strengths to thwart the villain’s plans.

You can choose to play the game as a standalone experience or dive into the ongoing campaign, with new expansion packs regularly adding new heroes, villains, and scenarios to the mix.

Like less luck and more skill? Try Living Card Card Games. 3
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