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Must-Play Board Games for Family Feud Fans – Unleash the Fun at Your Next Family Game Night

Are you a Family Feud fan looking for new ways to enjoy similar type of gameplay? 

This post introduces some popular board games that have mechanics similar to Family Feud.  These party word-guessing and picture-guessing games will go 

Smart Ass – Be first to answer!

Players: 2 to 8 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Smart Ass rules pdf / rulebook

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Smart Ass Board Game

Get ready to unleash your inner Smart Ass with this uproariously fun and fast-paced trivia game that’s perfect for anyone who loves to shout out answers!

In “Smart Ass,” you don’t have to wait your turn – just blurt out the answer the moment it clicks. This game is a delightful mix of quick wit, luck, and hilarious competition, where players are dealt challenging questions and must race to be the first to guess the right answer.  The questions are cleverly crafted, ensuring that every round is filled with suspense and excitement. 

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5 Second Rule board game

Imagine having only five seconds to name three things based on a random topic – sounds easy, right? But trust me, when that timer starts ticking, it’s a whole different ball game! You’ll be surprised at the funny and sometimes absurd answers that pop out when you’re under pressure. This game is perfect for livening up any get-together, whether it’s a family reunion, a hangout with friends, or even a casual office party. It’s super easy to learn, and every round is unpredictable and full of fun.
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Wits and Wagers – What’s the best answer? Place your bet on it!

Players: 3 to 7 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Wits and Wagers rules pdf / rulebook

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Wits and Wagers board game

“Wits and Wagers,” is a game that’s an absolute blast and a fresh twist on trivia. Winning this game doesn’t require trivia expertise. It’s all about guessing the closest answer and then betting on which guess you think is right. Picture this: a mix of trivia, poker, and sheer luck rolled into one. Each round, you’re faced with a fun question, and everyone writes down their best guess. Then comes the exciting part – you place bets on which answer you think is the closest. It’s a game of strategy, luck, and knowing your fellow players.

Why Wits and Wagers may be for you?

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Taboo – Guess the word without using the word!

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Taboo rules in simple steps Taboo rules pdf / rulebook

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The classic party game where you have to get your team to guess the word on your card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

Taboo Guess the Word board game

Why choose Taboo for game night

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Trivial Pursuit – The classic trivia game

Players: 2 to 24 | Game duration from: 85 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

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A well-known trivia game that comes in many editions and variations. Players answer questions from various categories to earn pieces for their game token.

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Scattergories – Your correct answers need to have certain letters!

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 25 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Scattergories rules in simple steps Scattergories rules pdf / rulebook

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Scattergories board game

A creative-thinking category-based party game. The objective is to come up with answers that fit the categories listed on your card, starting with a certain letter of the alphabet.

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Pictionary – Everyone’s favourite drawing charades game

Players: 3 to 16 | Game duration from: 85 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Pictionary rules in simple steps

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This is a timeless and rib-tickling sketching game that is suitable for everyone, irrespective of their artistic prowess. In ‘Pictionary’, players draw clues for their teammates to guess. The twist? Your drawing skills (or hilarious lack thereof) are put to the test! Imagine trying to sketch ‘Eiffel Tower’ in a frantic rush, only for your team to guess ‘birthday cake’ – the room will erupt with laughter. It’s not just about being a great artist; it’s about being creative, quick, and having a blast with friends and family. 

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Catch Phrase!

Players: 4 to 16 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Catch Phrase! rules in simple steps Catch Phrase! rules pdf / rulebook

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A word-guessing party game where players try to get their teammates to guess a word or phrase that appears on the screen of the device, with rapid passing and guessing.

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