How to Play Pictionary Online Guide

4 + players

30 mins + 

Age: 7 +

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Table of Contents

What is the goal?

The objective of Pictionary is to identify as many words as possible through sketched clues in order to advance to the Finish square and from there, correctly identify the final word.

Game setup 

  1. Place the timer and card box in an area where all players can access them
  2. Remove the 4 category cards and use it as a reference throughout the game.
  3. Divide into equal teams of two to four.
  4. Each team will receive a pad,  pencil, category card and playing piece.
  5. Place all playing pieces on the Start square on the board.
  6. Each team selects a picturist, who will sketch clues for the first word.
  7. Every team will then roll the die, with the highest roll selecting the first card.
  8. The first word that will be sketched is an All Play word and all teams are to participate (see All Play section) as all teams begin in the Start square.

Pictionary Categories

There are five different categories in Pictionary. These relate to the coloured squares on the board.
Yellow: Object 
Blue: Person/Place/Animal (Names are included)
Orange: Action
Green: Difficult (Challenging words)
Red: Miscellaneous (Any type of words)


  1. The Picturist selects a word card from the front of the deck and the word in play is the one that corresponds to the coloured square that the playing piece lies in.

  2. The picturist has 5 seconds to examine the word.  The timer is turned and they will begin sketching clues for their team. The picturist is not allowed to use verbal or physical communication during the round and sketches are not allowed to include letters or numbers.
    Sketching and guessing continues until the word is guessed or the time is up.

  3. If the word is guessed correctly, the team rolls the die and advances to the number of squares indicated.  Any number of playing pieces can occupy the same square.
  4. A new card and picturist is selected.  The picturist position rotates every time a team must sketch. For each new word, the timer is turned for another 60 seconds. If a word is not identified within the time limit, play continues to the left where the next team will draw a new card from the deck.

    The only time a dice is rolled is to advance the playing piece  is when a word is identified in the 60 second limit or when a team is first to guess a word in any All Play situation, otherwise, the die is to not be rolled at the beginning of a turn.

    A team must occupy a square as long as it does not identify the given word.

All Play

These rules apply when a triangle on the card designates a word as an All Play.

In the All Play category, the card is shown to each picturist of each team. All picturists will sketch the All Play word at the same time to their respective teams when the timer is started. The first team to guess the word immediately rolls the die and advances the playing piece to the number of squares indicated. The team will now continue it’s turn with a new word.

If no team guesses the word in 60 seconds, play continues to the left. The new team begins its turn by pulling a card and sketching the word corresponding to the square currently occupied.

Extra Information

In the case of three players, two teams are formed and one person acts as the picturist for both teams. This person will select the cards and sketch throughout the entire game. Normal game rules apply.

How precise an answer must be can be up to the teams playing and should be decided before the game starts.

Players cannot use pre-arranged or secret clues. There cannot be dashes for the number of letters in each word.

How do you win?

To win Pictionary, be the first team to land on the Finish Square and correctly guess the word. The word can be guessed on another team’s All Play word or on your team’s turn.

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