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How to Play All Fives Darts

All Fives darts is a dart game for 2 or more players. 

If you are interested in other dart games, can you read about them here.

What is the goal?

Get exactly 51 points by hitting targets divisible by 5.

Dart setup

  • You need 3 darts
  • Each player gets a turn to throw 3 darts

How to Play All Fives in Simple Steps

On your turn, 

  • throw 3 darts to get a total divisible by 5
  • divide your total by 5 and this is your score 

For example, you throw a total of 30 (30 divide by 5 = 6) and your score will be 6.

How do you win?

  • Get an EXACT score of 51 and win
  • If you go over, you BUST and go back to your previous score
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