Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends

Dartboard games are perfect to play amongst your group of friends with drinks, whether it be at the bar or at home! Here are 20 of our favourites with some basic dart game rules too

1. Cricket

Cricket is the ultimate bar game, where each player takes turns to step up and aim until someone scores a cumulative 301 points.

Cricket Dart Game

The goal of Cricket is to obtain more points than the other team through players closing out numbers 15 through 20, and the bullseye before the game ends.

2. 301 + 501 Darts

A game for 2 players of any age, be the first player to reach 0 with a starting score of 501.

How To Play The Four Corners Game
How To Play The Four Corners Game
301 + 501 Darts

With straight forward rules and simple scoring, any player can take up the challenge of landing double and triple scores as fast as they can.

3. Around the World

A popular game due to its simplicity, work around the dartboard in a numerical sequence, starting from 1 all the way to number 20

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 3Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 3

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 5

Around the World allows for any number of players and is perfect for warming up for 01 dart games.

4. Halve It

A dart game for more advanced players, Halve It is played by aiming at numbers 20, 16, Double 7, 14, Triple 10, 17 and Double Bull. Each player gets a 3-dart turn and must be played in consecutive order

Whilst this game is aimed more at advanced players, beginners can have a try at it too!

5. Knockout

This 10-15 minute game for 2-8 players is the perfect game if you enjoy head-to-head elimination

After deciding order of play, the player going first throws 3 darts trying to get the biggest score possible, followed by the second player. Then, the player with the lowest score out of the two gets eliminated. This repeats until the last man standing wins the game.

6. Gotcha!

This simple game with any amount of players requires you to agree on a number of points to win the gamerts

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 6

Each player gets a three dart turn with their current total of points marked next to their name.
Be the first player to score the exact number of points agreed upon. Opponents may also be “killed” by hitting their current total in one turn, resetting their points to 0.

7. Grand National

Grand National allows unlimited players and is around a 60 minute game (depending on number of players)

Players have 3 darts per go, and must hit each number on the board in an anti-clockwise direction, hitting the next consecutive number or you are out. The player who gets back around to 20 first wins.

8. Tic-Tac-Toe Darts

An easy 2 player game, draw up a grid and place the bullseye in the centre. Pick random numbers between 1-20 to fill up all other spaces.

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 7

Take turns throwing darts at the board trying to hit numbers to get 3 in a row in a line. The first person to do this wins!

9. Nine Lives

Nine Lives is an elimination game for 2 and more players, where players start out with 3 lives.

Players go around the dartboard in numerical order, losing a life if they fail to hit the number they are on. You get eliminated from the game if you lose all 3 lives

10. Follow the Leader

This game allows an unlimited amount of players with the objective to be the last person standing.

The player who starts throws a dart on the board, with all other players using their three darts to hit the same number as the first player. You get three lives, and if you fail to hit the correct part of the dartboard, you lose a life.

11. Killer

Start with having everybody draw a random number between 1 and 20, which will then become their number for the game. Each player gets three lives.

Players start throwing at the board. Your first goal is to hit the double ring for the number you drew, three times. This will give you the status as “killer”. Once you become a Killer, everytime you hit someone else’ double ring, they lose a life. This continues until only one person remains.

12. Shanghai

This game is perfect for 2 or more players and the objective is to hit a single, treble, and double in the same number on a single turn.

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 8

Players start with 1 and try to hit a single, treble and double on that particular segment. You win the game if you do this, but if nobody does, try again in the next round.

13. Noughts and Crosses

Played with 2 players or teams, draw a noughts and crosses board of 9 spaces on a piece of paper. In the middle write Bullseye, and write different dart scoring numbers in the other 8 squares

The objective is to be the first player/team to complete a straight line of three. Attempt to hinder your opponents from getting three in a row

14. Fives

This game can be played with any number of players, and a total target is chosen (could be 50 or 100 but this should be a lower number if lots of people are playing)

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 9

Throw three darts onto the board in a single turn trying to score a number divisible by five. The higher the number scored, the more points obtained. For every five scored, one point is awarded. Be the first player to achieve the chosen target.

15. Football

A game for two players, each player gets three darts each

If you hit a “bullseye” throw for any doubles. You score a goal for each double that is hit. The person who scores ten goals or ten doubles is the winner.

16. Sudden Death

This is a simple game where each player has three darts and needs to score as much as they can. The lowest scoring player loses. Play continues until one player is left standing.

17. Hare and Hounds

For 2 or more players, each player receives 3 darts each

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 10

Players need to toss a coin to begin and the player who wins the toss is the “hare” whilst the opponent is the hound. The hare needs to travel clockwise around the board, beginning at 20 and wins if they return to 20 before the hound catches them.

18. Scam

This is a two player game where one person is the “stopper” and the other the “scorer”. The stopper must prevent the scorer by getting their darts into the number segment’s first.

The stopper first needs to get three highest possible numbers, each number hit becomes out of play for the scorer. Then, the scorer aims for the next highest number available to score the highest amount. Play continues until the Stopper hits all numbers on the board from 20 to 1. Scores are added up and play reverses. The winner is the player with the highest score

19. Warfare

In this game, the dartboard is split into two halves and the two players or teams are assigned a halve. Each number on the dartboard represents a soldier, meaning each team has 10 soldiers each

Top 20 Dart Games to play with your friends 11

Players try to take out as many of their opponent’s soldiers as they can by hitting a number representing them each turn. Whoever eliminates all soldiers from their opponent first wins.

20. Call Three

This game of darts is super easy and can be learnt in seconds. It can be played by any number of players, with each player throwing three darts per turn.

At the start of each turn, the player who throws next will call out three numbers that the current player throwing tries to hit in the same order they were called. The game is played for 10 rounds with the highest scoring player winning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dart Games

What is the most popular dart game?

Cricket is one of the most popular dart games where players take turns to step up and aim until someone scores a cumulative 301 points.

What game do pro dart players play?

Pro competition darts are based on the 501 game.

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