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How to Play Football Darts

Football Darts is based on American Football and is suitable for 2 players.

If you are interested in other dart games, can you read about them here.

What is the goal?

Score points by hitting specific segments on the dartboard in the right order. The playing field is the horizontal part of the board, from double 11 to double 6, and everything in between. Each player has their own “team” and end zone. The first team’s end zone is double 11, while the second team’s end zone is double 6.

Dart setup

To determine who goes first, each player throws a dart at the bullseye. The player with the closest throw starts.

Set a time length for your game. (for example, 20 mins)

How to Play Football Darts in Simple Steps

Football Darts End Zone

On your turn, move across the field

On your turn, you have four downs to move the ball across the field and into your opponent’s end zone.

Each down comprises three darts. Hit the designated segment for your down (within 3 darts), and you move on to the next. Miss, and you turn over play to your opponent.

To move halfway through the field,  you will have to hit the following:

  • Your sides’s double 11, single 11, triple 11, single 11, until you reach the bull

To move to your opponent’s end zone, you will then have to hit the opponent’s

  • single 6, triple 6, single 6, and the double 6 to score a “touchdown”.
If you run out of downs before scoring a touchdown, your turn ends and your opponent resumes from the segment of their last down. If they run out of downs, you resume from the segment where you left off.

How do you score in Football Darts?

Scoring in Football Darts follows the same rules as American football. Touchdowns are worth 6 points, field goals are worth 1 point, and safeties are worth 2 points.


To score a touchdown, hit the double, single, treble, and single of your end zone in that order. Your end zone can be the double 11 or double 6, depending on which direction you’re going.

A touchdown is worth 6 points.

Field Goals

Once you score a touchdown, you attempt a field goal. To score a field goal, hit any of the segments that is part of 20.

A field goal is worth an additional point.

New Offense

Once a touchdown is completed, a new offense begins  from your own endzone.

How do you win?

Team or player with the highest points once the pre-determined game time runs out wins.

In the case of a tie, go into overtime. Winner is the first team or player to score a touchdown in overtime.

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