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How to Play Call Three Darts

Learn how to play Call Three darts. in quick simple and concise instructions.

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Setting up your dart game

  • All you need is 3 darts.
  • Each player gets to throw 3 darts on their turn.
  • Determine the throwing turn order of players.

Simple Gameplay Instructions

Next player sets your 3 targets in order

When you step on the throwing line for the first time, the next player will call out three targets. The next player can choose any number from 1 to 20 or the bullseye.

You now have to hit those targets in order and a score is only registered if you hit them.


When you hit the right number,  you score points:

  • One point for a normal hit,
  • Two points for a double segment hit or the bullseye outer ring and
  • Three points for a triple segment or the bullseye middle.


How do you win?

The game goes for 10 rounds.

After 10 rounds, player with the highest score wins.

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