How to Play Killer Darts Game Rules 

A simple, straightforward guide to help you learn how to play Killer darts game fast! Click here for more dartboard games.

Killer Darts setup

Players get their number

  • The game starts with determining your ‘number’
  • Others ‘KILL’ you by hitting this number.
  • Everyone throws a dart at the dartboard with their non-dominant hand.
  • This is your ‘number’. If someone already has taken a ‘number’, throw it again.

How to Play Killer Darts Games Rules Step by Step

You win in Killer Darts by eliminating and knocking out your opponents.
Determine the order of play.
Each player gets 3 throws on their turn.

On your turn, attempt to gain killer status

You must first become a killer. Become a killer by landing a dart in your number’s double section. 
Gain an advantage by becoming a killer as early as possible.

Start killing once you become a ‘Killer’

  • During a player’s turn, the killers will have three chances to score against other players.
  • You remove a life from a player when you hit their number’s double section.
  • A killer may lose one of his or her lives if they land on their own double.
  • In the game, even if some players are killers, non-killers still have three chances to hit their doubles to achieve killer status.

How do you win?

When only one player is left with lives, the game ends. Be the last one standing to win

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