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Suitable for 4 – 30 players | 25 – 35 mins duration | Recommended age 17+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Card Games,Humour,Mature / Adult,Party Game,Print & Play Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: Yes

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What is the goal? #

Be the 1st player to move all 4 of your coloured pegs around the gameboard to your FINISH line. During the game, you will attempt to send your opponents\’ pegs back to HOME.

Game setup  #

To start the game, each player draws 10 white cards.

Gameplay #

Basic Rules #

Randomly select a player to be the Card Czar, who will then play a Black Card. They will then read the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the back of the Black Card out loud.

Everyone answers the question/phrase by passing face down to the Card Czar, one White Card.

The Card Czar then:

  1. shuffles all of the answers
  2. shares each card combination with the group by re-reading the Black Card before presenting each answer for full effect.
  3. chooses the funniest play. Whoever submitted this play gets one Awesome Point.
  4. After each round, there is a new Card Czar and everyone draws back up to ten White Cards.

Pick 2 cards #

Some cards have PICK 2 at the bottom.
To answer these, each player plays two White Cards in the combination. The order matters, so play them in the order that the Card Czar should read them.


Gambling #

If a black card is played and you have more than one White Card that you think could win, you can bet one of your Awesome Points to play an additional card.

Winning allows you to keep the point however losing will result in the winner of the round wagering it.

House Rules #

Cards Against Humanity is created to be remixed. Here are some different ways to spice up the rules:

Happy Ending #

The “Make a Haiku” Black is the official ceremonial ending of a good game of Cards Against Humanity and this card should be reserved for the end. When you’re ready to stop playing, play this card to end the game. Haikus don’t need to follow the 5-7-5 form, they just have to be read dramatically.
Rebooting the Universe
Players may trade in an Awesome Point at any time to return to the deck as many White Cards as they’d like and draw back up to ten.

Packing Heat #

When playing Pick 2’s, all players draw an extra card before playing the hand to open more options.

Rando Cardrissian #

Every round, pick a random White Card from the deck and place it into play. The card belongs to an imaginary player called Rando Cardrissian and if he wins the game, all players go home in a state of everlasting shame.

God Is Dead #

Play with a Card Czar. Instead, each round every player votes on their favourite combination and the card with the most votes wins.

Survival of the Fittest #

After everyone has answered the Black Card, players take turn eliminating one card each and the last remaining card is declared the funniest.

Serious Business #

Each round, the Card Czar ranks the top three cards in the following order instead of picking a favourite card;
Best Card gets 3 Awesome Points
Second Best Card gets 2 Awesome Points
Third Best Card gets 1 Awesome Point
Keep a running tally of the score and at the end of the game the player with the most points is declared the funniest (mathematically-speaking).

Never Have I Ever #

Players may discard any cards they don’t understand at any time but must confess their ignorance to the group and suffer the resulting humiliation.

How do you win? #

You can win Cards Against Humanity in different ways depending on the remix you play;

  • Happy Ending, where you end the game with the Make-A-Haiku Black Card
  • Serious Business where a tally of the most points is kept. declared the winner. In the case of a tie, the tied player who scored the most Victory Points from the King’s Orders is the winner.

If still tied, the tied player with the least Suspicion is the winner. If still tied, all tied players share the victory.

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