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New Phone, Who Dis Card Game How to Play Guide

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Players: 3 to 20 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity:

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What is the goal?

The objective of New Phone Who Dis Card Game is to respond to the inbox message and create the funniest text message thread.

Game setup

Classic Mode

Separate the Inbox Cards and the Reply Cards into two decks. Each player will then draw 7 Reply Cards.

DIY Mode

Separate the Inbox Cards and the Reply Cards into two decks. Each player will then be distributed 4 Reply Cards and 4 inbox Cards.


Classic Mode Rules

Oldest player starts as the judge.
At the start of the round, the judge draws and reads aloud an Inbox card from the top of the Inbox Card deck.

Every player decides which of their 7 reply cards pairs the funniest with the Inbox card.
Once chosen, each player will pass the card face down to the judge.

When the judge receives every player’s reply card, judge shuffles the cards and read them out loud one at a time.

Judge selects favourite reply card. The player who played the card wins the round and keeps the winning pair as a point.

The player to the judge’s left becomes the new judge for the next round. All players are now to draw back up to 7 reply cards.

Continue playing until you wish to stop the game. The player with the most points wins.

DIY Mode Rules

Each round, all players will create their funniest combination of cards using 1 Inbox card and 1 Reply card. They will pass their pairs to the judge of that round who picks their favourite pair. The player who played the pair wins the round and gets a point.

After every round, all players draw up to 4 of each card. 

How do you win?

The player with the most points wins. To obtain points, you must pair the funniest reply with the Inbox card.

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