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How to Play Connect 4 Shots

Learn How to Play Connect 4 Shots

I hate the hassle of reading rulebooks and wish they could get straight to the point. I wrote this guide with the aim of helping you learn how to play Connect 4 Shots quickly.
If you are looking for Connect 4 Shots game overview, understand its gameplay and appeal, click here for our summary and video, click here.

Players: 2 to 2 | Game duration from: mins | Game Complexity: EASY

What is the goal?

Throw balls into the grid with the first person getting four balls in a row winning.


To set up your Connect 4 Shots game:

  • Remove the backboard and lift the ramp upwards from the rear.
  • Attach the backboard to the lifted ramp.
  • Each team/player chooses a colour with their coloured balls being given to them.
  • Keep the orange ball as it will be used for the tiebreaker.


A Connect 4 Shots round involves the following:

  • Both teams at the same time bounce their balls into the grid.
Connect 4 shots rules
This is a Image Example
  • The ball must bounce onto the table before they can go into the grid.
  • Balls can be picked up from the table or floor if you have missed the grid but balls cannot be touched if they are on the grid or ramp (even if the ball is stacked onto the ramp.
  • Play continues until a team has bounced their balls in a row of four horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


If no player has successfully been able to connect four balls in a row, the orange ball is put in play to decide the winner.
The player who bounced all their balls into the grid first gets to start with the orange ball.
First player to throw the orange ball in the grid wins. The ball can be thrown into any open hole (regardless of if it makes a four in a row or not).

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