Don’t Wake Daddy

Learn how to play Don’t Wake Daddy Official Game Rules

Game Setup

Put Daddy’s bed in the middle of the board, with his nightcap on his head.
Press Daddy flat into the bed.

At the start of the track, players place their chosen colored mover in the matching colored bed.

What is the goal?

Be the first player to tiptoe from your bed to the refrigerator for a midnight snack. Whatever you do don’t wake daddy!


The youngest player goes first, and play passes to the left.

On your turn:

Spin the Don’t Wake Daddy Spinner. If you spin:

Your character will be moved to the first unoccupied space of that color.

Purple star
Move your character to the space right in front of the leader! If you’re already the leader, spin again. Note: If there are no other players on the track, move to the very first space on the track.

If you land on:

  • A plain colored space without a picture and number: You’re safe!
  • A space with a picture and number:
    If you have a card in your hand that matches the space you landed on, you’re safe, and your turn ends; keep the card.

If you don’t have a card that matches the space, push the Alarm Clock button the number of times indicated on the space.

If Daddy pops up in bed — do two things:

1) Obtain the matching card from the player who has it (so that if you land on that spot again, you won’t suffer! ) and

2) Go all the way back to your own bed at the start of the track! (Remember, if you spin the purple star, you’ll jump to the front!)

If Daddy sleeps through the alarm, stay on that space until your next turn.

How to Win?

When nearin gend of the track, if you spin a color and there are no more track spaces left of that color, you move onto the rainbow.

The first player to land on the Rainbow Refrigerator wins.

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