Family Feud Game Questions and Answers for your own home game

Hosting your own Family Feud game? Here‘s a list of Family Feud Game Questions and answers to help you host at home or work or online via Zoom. We cover various categories. Under each question are the answer and associated points.

If you are not sure how to play Family Feud. Below is a short guide. If you prefer to play board games, check these out:

Learn about the origins of Family Feud

How to Play Family Feud at Home in Quick simple steps

Quick rules guide on how to play Family Feud at home. There are three standard rounds with one question each. Following this is a five-question Fast Money round. There are 8 questions per game.

Select an Emcee for the standard rounds

One person is the Emcee who can see the questions and answers.

Split into 2 teams

The rest are split into two teams. Each question will be heard by one player from each team. They get a chance to answer the question. The team of the player whose answer has the most points starts first.

Starting team guesses answers

Each player makes one guess at a time, in order. When an answer overlaps with one given previously, the Emcee will tell the player to guess again. When a player’s answer is too vague, the Emcee will ask for more information.

Guess all answers before striking out

Each incorrect answer earns the team a strike. Strike out if your team earns 3 strikes before answering all questions. The total value of a team’s answers is added to their score if they guess all answers before earning three strikes.

If the team strikes out, the opposing team gets a chance to steal

After three strikes, the other team has one chance to guess any remaining answers. All points from the correct answers given by the other team are stolen if they guess correctly.

Start Fast Money Round after 3 Standard rounds

The winning team of the standard rounds chooses two players to leave the room.

1st player answers Fast Money Round questions

One player comes back in to answer the five Fast Money questions. Each question can only be answered once. A total is tallied for the correct answers.

2nd player answers Fast Money Round questions

After the first player has answered the questions, the second player follows suit. In the event that the second player duplicates an answer, they must guess again. This person’s total is added up by the host.

Winning Fast Money Round

A team wins if both players combined total to reach 200 points!

Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

Here are some Family Feud Game Questions that you can use for your home game.
You can also use our Family Feud game questions generator to set up the questions for your game.

Family Feud Game Questions on Food

Family Feud Game Questions and Answers for your own home game 1

Name something you find in a chef’s salad

Answer Points Value
Lettuce 36
Ham 22
Boiled Eggs 10
Tomato 9
Cheese 7
Chicken 5
Croutons 4
Name something people do to corn
Answer Points Value
Pop 41
East 26
Boil 7
Cook 6
Husk 5
Butter 4
Name a drink that tastes best when its very cold
Answer Points Value
Beer 24
Coca-cola 17
Iced-tea 16
Water 11
Lemonade 10
Pepsi 10
Milk 4
Orange Juice 2
Name a food that comes in the shape of a ring
Answer Points Value
Onions 27
Donut 19
Cheerios 16
Hamburger 9
Pancake 7
Pizza 6
Cooikies 4
Life Savers 1
Name a vegetable you cannot eat in one bite
Answer Points Value
Carrot 31
Corn on the cob 23
Potato 11
Tomato 11
Celery 4
Squash 4
Lettuce 4
Name a food kids always finish
Answer Points Value
Pizza 24
French fries 17
Ice cream 13
Macaroni and Cheese 12
Peanut butter & Jelly 9
Hot dogs 6
Tell me a food that contains the word “Cheese”
Answer Points Value
Mac and Cheese 24
Cheesecake 16
Cheeseburger 12
Cheese Whiz 7
Grilled Cheese 6
Describe something that is put on pizza.
Answer Points Value
Cheese 25
Pepperoni 23
Sausage 19
Peppers 15
Mushroom 11
Sauce 7
Give an example of a Thanksgiving food you might eat
Answer Points Value
Turkey 35
Mashed Potatoes 25
Stuffing 17
Pumpkin pie 15
Sweet potatoes 8
What would you spread on toast?
Answer Points Value
Butter 35
Jam 25
Peanut butter 17
Nutella 13
Cheese 10
Pick an ice cream flavor that you would find anywhere.
Answer Points Value
Vanilla 26
Chocolate 23
Strawberry 17
Chocolate chip 17
Cherry 10
Rocky road 7
Give an example of something you might add to a salad.
Answer Points Value
Salad dressing 42
Croutons 28
Tomatoes 13
Bacon bits 10
Cheese 7
What might be found in a sandwich?
Answer Points Value
Lunchmeat 32
Cheese 25
Lettuce 17
Mayo 15
Tomato 11
Describe something you would never want to find in the food at a restaurant.
Answer Points Value
Hair 36
Fly 27
Roach 17
Rat 15
Dirt 5
What might you put on your hamburger?
Answer Points Value
Cheese 40
Ketchup 32
Pickles 15
Lettuce 9
Mayonnaise 4

Family Feud Game Questions on Objects

Family Feud Object questions and answers

Name something that is filtered

Answer Points Value
Water 49
Coffee 25
Cigarettes 9
Air 6
Gasoloine 3
Vacuum 2
Pool 2
Name a product that might be disposable
Answer Points Value
Diapers 33
Paper products/baby wipes 33
Razors 10
Camera 4
Cans/bottles 4
Plastic 3
Name something you see in a mansion
Answer Points Value
Chandelier 25
Paintings 10
Staircase 8
Antiques 6
Beautiful furniture 6
Servants 5
Name something that comes in a spray bottle.
Answer Points Value
Window cleaner 37
Hair spray 35
Shower cleaner 7
Perfume 6
Paint 4
Starch 3
Name something that has wooden legs
Answer Points Value
Chair/stool 40
Table 36
Pinocchio 12
Rocking Horse 8
Captain Hook 3
Name an invention that you were really glad was invented
Answer Points Value
TV 18
Telephone 15
Automobile 14
Computer 11
Electricity 10
Microwave 8
Airplane 6
Air Conditioning 4
Name a place you see an antenna
Answer Points Value
Roof 31
House 28
Car 24
Radio 6
Radio Station 3
If you owned a handgun, name a place where you would keep it
Answer Points Value
Closet 19
Lock cabinet 16
Night stand 14
Under bed 11
In a drawer 7
Under my pillow 3
Name something kids take to the park
Answer Points Value
Ball 52
Bicycle 16
Frisbee 11
Kite 9
Dog 3
Besides engines, name something under the hoods of cars
Answer Points Value
Battery 46
Radiator 29
Carburetor 13
Spark plugs 3
Horn 2
Name a kind of closet you don’t put clothes in
Answer Points Value
Linen 37
Pantry 22
Storage 14
Utility 9
Name something that men’s magazines give tips on
Answer Points Value
Women 19
Health 17
Grooming 15
Exercising 13
Dressing 9
Name something that might get overloaded
Answer Points Value
Washing machine 38
Electric circuit 34
Computer 26
What’s something that comes in chunks?
Answer Points Value
Chocolate 26
Cheese 21
Pineapple 14
Chicken 3
Dog food 3
Peanut butter 3
Name something people pay to have cleaned for them
Answer Points Value
Carpet 35
House 18
Suits 17
Car 7
Coats 6
Teeth 6
Clothes 6
Name soemthing that shines
Answer Points Value
Sun 44
Diamonds 24
Star 19
Name something that pops
Answer Points Value
Popcorn 32
Balloon 25
Bubble Gum 14
Champagne corks 6
Fire Cracker 6
Name of the basic necessities of life
Answer Points Value
Food 46
Water 24
Air 11
Love 6
Shelter 5
Health 3
Name something that might rattle
Answer Points Value
Baby’s rattle 39
Rattlesnake 25
Car Engine 21
Coins 9
Name something you rent or hire for a wedding
Answer Points Value
Caterer 39
Music DJ 22
Priest/preacher/minister 12
Photographer 12
Limo 4
Tuxedo 3
Seamstress 1
Florist 1
Reception 1
Name an appliance found in every home
Answer Points Value
Refrigerator 32
Microwave 19
Oven/stove/range 15
Toaster 8
Washer 4
Dishwasher 4
Name a way to spice up a dull room
Answer Points Value
Paint 31
Flowers 21
New Pictures 15
New Curtains 11
Name an irritating sound that comes from a neighbour’s house or apartment
Answer Points Value
Music 46
Animal noises/dog barking 23
Yelling/bad language 20
Noise 6
Pounding 3
Car Alarm 2
Name something you sniff before buying
Answer Points Value
Perfume/cologne 48
Fruit 24
Meat 8
Flowers 6
Candles 3
Fish 2
Milk 2
Give me an example of something cold.
Answer Points Value
Ice cream 30
Ice 27
Snow 20
Refrigerator 17
Popsicles 6
Give the name of one of the rainbow’s colors.
Answer Points Value
Red 21
Orange 17
Yellow 15
Green 14
Blue 14
Purple/violet 12
Indigo 7
I want you to name something hot.
Answer Points Value
Fire 28
Oven/stove 26
Fireplace 21
Hot beverage 17
Toaster 8
Choose a fruit-bearing tree.
Answer Points Value
Apple Tree 37
Pear Tree 26
Orange Tree 16
Banana Tree 15
Lemon Tree 6
Give us a name of something you might climb
Answer Points Value
Mountain / hill 32
Tree 26
Ladder 17
Rope 15
Stairs 10
What usually comes in pairs?
Answer Points Value
Shoes 32
Socks 28
Earrings 17
Twins 11
Gloves 7
Pants 5

Family Feud Game Questions on Behaviour

Family Feud Behaviour Questions and Answers

Name a reason people prefer summer to winter.

Answer Points Value
Warm weather 39
Wear lighter clothes 17
More activities 10
Beach 10
Round 2
Fun 6
No snow 4
Go swmming 3
Besides lunching, name something people do during their lunch hour
Answer Points Value
Sleep 6
Nap 6
Exercise 18
Read 16
Shop 13
Go to the bank 11
Talk on the phone 8
Approximately, how much money do you owe?
Answer Points Value
$1,000 24
$5,000 21
$10,000 17
Don’t know 15
Name the most annoying thing other drivers do on the road
Answer Points Value
No signal when changing 31
Cut you off 30
Drive under the speed limit 13
Follow too close 10
Talk on the phone 7
Speed 4
Give me name you would call your grandmother
Answer Points Value
Grandma 31
Mama 23
Mom Mom 17
Mima 16
Name something specific that people make reservations for
Answer Points Value
Dinner 35
Hotels 30
Airplane 19
Tours 5
Vacations 3
Car Rental 2
Cruise 2
Name something that a woman never forgets about her fiance’s marriage proposal
Answer Points Value
The way he asked 43
The place 31
The size of the ring 22
Name something that burglars check to see if a family is out of town
Answer Points Value
Mail 33
Lights off 27
No car in the driveway 21
Newspapers piling up 5
Name something you have that a neighbour might try to borrow
Answer Points Value
Sugar 26
Lawn Mover 18
Ladder 13
Shovel 10
Tools 8
Hammer 7
Phone 5
Snow Blower 3
Name a type of business people call where they expect to be put on hold
Answer Points Value
Doctor’s office 30
Phone company 18
Bank 13
Insurance Company 12
Department store 9
Restaurant 6
Power company 3
Credit Card company 3
Name something that children have difficulty learning to use
Answer Points Value
Toilet 36
Easting Utensils 28
Bicycle 22
Name a subject people know lots of trivia about
Answer Points Value
Sports 30
Entertainment 30
History 14
Politics 7
Music 5
Science 5
Literature 2
Name your favourite activity for burning calories
Answer Points Value
Walking 24
Running 20
Swimming 16
Bike riding 9
Aerobics 7
Basketball 6
Tennis 5
Cardio 3
Dancing 2
If you’re right-handed, name something you can’t do with your hand.
Answer Points Value
Write 51
Comb hair 20
Swing a bat 8
Throw a ball 6
Name an excuse teenagers give their parents for coming home late.
Answer Points Value
Car Trouble 38
Lost track of time 27
Ran out of gas 13
one would bring me 5
Lost My friend 5
Movie started late 4
Traffic 3
Name something that makes it hard to get out of bed
Answer Points Value
Tired 24
Rain 19
Comfort 16
Cold 13
Weather 10
If it’s dark 8
Name something people hide under their bed
Answer Points Value
Money 29
Shoes 23
Clothing 9
Presents 9
Lock Box 5
Suitcases 4
Candy 4
Name something that makes people blink
Answer Points Value
Bright Light 49
Dry Eyes 19
Dust 12
Smoke 9
Wind 5
Being Startled 4
Name something that siblings compete over
Answer Points Value
Parent’s affection 42
Toys 19
Sports 8
School Grades 7
Television 6
Use of car 4
Money 4
Tell me the one specific thing that little kids get sent to their room for, more than any other
Answer Points Value
Talking back 20
Fighting 16
Misbehaving 12
Not listening 10
Tantrum 9
If you were arrested and could make only one phone call, whom would you call?
Answer Points Value
Spouse 31
Parent 24
Lawyer 17
Sibling 9
Friend 8
Bail bondsman 5
Name something people put their name on
Answer Points Value
Personal check 26
Mailbox 13
Suitcase/luggage 11
Office supplies 7
Letters 5
Paper work 4
Bills 4
Clothers 4
Answer Points Value
Snake 23
Tiger 17
Alligator 12
Hippo 10
Pig 9
Bear 8
Monkey 6
Cow 5
In your nightmares, name a place that you suddenly discover your’re naked
Answer Points Value
Work 19
School 17
Park 16
Church 15
Middle of street 10
Store 7
Name something people often fake
Answer Points Value
Being sick 34
Age 12
Identity 6
Smiles 4
Headache 4
Being Asleep 2
Fingernails 2
Name something people usually do at 11:30 pm
Answer Points Value
Go to bed 59
Watch the news 32
Eat/drink 4
Name something people do before getting out of bed in the morning
Answer Points Value
Stretch 39
Turn off alarm clock 27
Yawn 15
Wake up 4
Open eyes 2
Roll over 2
Name something people press
Answer Points Value
Clothes 32
Pants 26
Buttons 7
Flowers 7
Elevator buttons 7
Name something that scares people even if they don’t believe its real
Answer Points Value
Ghost 43
Monster 22
Horror Films 16
Vampire 16
Alien 11
Boogie man 7
Name something people have trouble controlling
Answer Points Value
Temper 27
Money 15
Weight 10
Appetite 9
Kids 9
Weather 8
Smoking 5
Mouth 4
Name a possession men want, as soon as their best friend gets one
Answer Points Value
Car 57
Wife 14
Big screen tv 9
Motorcycle 6
Name the hardest thing for one person to tell another
Answer Points Value
Cheated 25
Truth 23
Bad Breath 10
I love you 7
Death in the family 5
Sorry 2
Name a reason that people sue restaurants
Answer Points Value
Food poisoning 33
Foreign objects in food 23
Slip and fall 17
Bad food 8
Name something that makes people blink
Answer Points Value
Bright Light 49
Dry Eyes 19
Dust 12
Smoke 9
Wind 5
Being Startled 4
Onions 2
When you’re sick, tell me what you do
Answer Points Value
Take medicine 25
Sleep/nap 21
Watch tv 17
Throw up 16
Go to the doctor 13
Eat soup 8
When someone feels happy, what do they do?
Answer Points Value
Smile 28
Laugh 23
Sing 17
Dance 15
Jump up and down 13
Cry 4
Give an example of how people travel from one place to another.
Answer Points Value
Car/drive 18
Walking/running 12
Flying/plane 12
Bus 11
Biking 10
Subway/train 5
Motorcycle 3
Describe something you would never buy used.
Answer Points Value
Underwear 50
Bed 28
Food 16
Shoes 6
What might a person do once a week?
Answer Points Value
Shop 38
Do laundry 25
Go to church 23
Exercise 7
Clean house 7
Give an example of why someone might be awake at 2 a.m.
Answer Points Value
Bathroom 26
Baby/child 23
Bad dream 18
Heard a noise 16
Hot/cold 13
Hungry/thirsty 4
Think of something you might bring to a party.
Answer Points Value
Food 40
Drinks 29
Gifts 15
Music 9
Yourself 7
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