How to play Family Feud Game Rules in simple clear steps to get your game started fast.

Players: 2 to 9 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Family Feud rules in simple steps

If you enjoy Family Feud and wish to play a home version, check out how to play family feud at home.

Family Feud Rules FAQs

What are the rules to Family Feud?

What are the rules to Family Feud

Family Feud is based on the game show. Each game involves 3 Face-off rounds and a Fast Money bonus round where survey questions are revealed. Teams gain points when they match the most popular survey answers. The winner is the team with the most points after all rounds.

How many players do you need for Family Feud board game?

You need at least 3 players to play the Family Feud board game as it involves 2 teams of at least 1 player and an Emcee who will read out the questions, mark strikes (incorrect answers) on the scoreboard and announce answers.

Family Feud Game setup

  1. Set up the scoreboard, shuffle Face-off and Fast Money cards and put in 2 separate piles.
  2. Each Face-off card contains one survey question while each Fast Money card contains 5 questions.
  3. Place the Fast Money cards off to the side, and place the Emcee card on top of the pile.
  4. Choose a player to be the Emcee.
  5. Divide the remaining players into two teams. Make the teams as evenly balanced as possible if there is an uneven number of players.
Family Feud 1
Face-off card with 1 question
Family Feud 2
Fast Money card with questions on the front and back

Emcee Duties

Emcees will read the questions, mark strikes (X) on the scoreboard, announce the answer, and its point value, and place it on the scoreboard.


Family Feud Scoreboard

The scoreboard is used to keep track of the game as follows:

1. In the Face-Off and the Feud rounds, answers and points are written on the score board, with the number one answer and its points placed at one, the number two answer and its points placed at two, and so on.

Family Feud 3

2. Strikes are written in the strike boxes and are given for answers not on the Face-off card.

3. Points are totalled at the of each round and awarded to the winning team.

For two players, one player uses both sides. Once all five questions have been answered, the points are added and placed in the Total section.

Step-by-Step How to Play Family Feud Rules

How to play Family Feud Rules in simple quick-to-learn steps. Players of each team will try to match the most popular survey answers throughout the game. Each game consists of four parts: three face-off rounds with one survey question each, and the Fast Money bonus round with five questions.

Total Time: 30 minutes

The Face-off round

Each Feud round begins with a Face-Off, in which teams attempt to take control of the question by giving the most popular (not necessarily number one) answer.

Face-off: Select a player, Emcee reads out the question

Each team selects one player for the Face-Off.  Emcee picks the Face-off card and question is read aloud.  Whenever one of the two players has an answer, the player raises their hand (in case of a tie, the Emcee decides).  The player then answers the question immediately. NOTE: If a player fails to answer immediately, their turn is lost.

Face-off: Determining the controlling team

If the player’s answer is the number one answer, the team chooses to be the controlling team and play or pass control to the opposing team.
If the player’s answer is not the number 1 answer, the opposing team player gets a chance to answer and if the answer is higher,  they become the controlling team.
If the first player’s answer is higher than the opposing player’s answer, the first player’s team is the controlling team. If both players’ answers are not on the card, a new player from each team is chosen to answer the question in the same order as the first two players until a controlling team is decided. In a three-player game, each player gets another turn until a winner is decided.
The revealed answers and their point values of the Face-Off question are then written on the scoreboard.

Face-off: The controlling team answers question

Players on the team take turns answering the Face-off Question. Teammates are not allowed to collaborate. Matching answers and their points are added and written on the scoreboard. The team wins the Face-Off round if they get all the remaining answers to the questions without getting 3 strikes.

Face-off: Opposing team’s stealing chance

If the controlling team gets 3 strikes before answering all questions, the opposing team gets one guess to match any remaining answer. The opposing team can discuss and decide which is the best answer. If it matches, they win the round and get points for all revealed answers. If it doesn’t match, the controlling team wins the round and gets all the revealed points.

Face-off: Adding points to the scoreboard and beginning a new round

Family Feud Face-off round scoring

Points are totalled and added to the scoreboard. A new round begins and a new Face-off card is selected. For Rounds 2 and 3, total points are doubled.

Fast Money Bonus Round

Teams select one player from their team to play in the Fast Money Bonus Round. Another player from each team will write the answer (but not the score) on the Fast Money section of the scorecard. . The player whose team had the most points at the end of the Face-off rounds goes first.

Fast Money Round: The player provides an answer to each question

Emcee selects a Fast Money card and reads each of the 5 questions.
For each question, the player gives an answer. If there is no matching answer, Emcee will say try again and the player gets one more chance to give another answer. Emcee determines the time limit for each question. Answers to each question are written on the scoreboard. Once all 5 questions are completed, the next team goes through the same process.

Fast Money Round: Scoring

Emcee reveals the score value for each answer on the Fast Money section of the scorecard. Points are totalled and tripled for each team.

Winning Family Feud

Points for all rounds are totalled and the team with the most points wins.

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