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Suitable for 2 – 9 players | 30 – 30 mins duration | Recommended age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Movies/TV/Radio Theme,Trivia Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is the goal? #

Match the most popular survey answers to win the most money.

Game setup #

  1. Separate the strike indicator and the three “X” markers.
  2. One game equals 3 face off/feud round questions and the Fast Money bonus round.
  3. Choose a player to be the Emcee.
  4. Divide the remaining players into two teams. Make the teams as evenly balanced as possible if there is an uneven number of players.

Emcee Duties #

Emcees will read the questions, operate the strike indicator, announce the answer, its point value, and place it on the scoreboard.

Scoreboard #

The scoreboard is used to keep track of the game as follows:

1. In the Face-Off and the Feud rounds, answers and points are placed in the scoreboard section, with the number one answer and it’s points placed at one, the number two answer and it’s points placed at two, and so on.

2. The points are totalled at the end of each survey question and shown under the scoreboard’s Feud section under that team’s number.

3. During the Fast Money Bonus Round, one player uses one side of the scoreboard for his answers and the other for his teammates’.

For two players, one player uses both sides. Once all five questions have been answered, the points are added up and placed in the Total section.

Gameplay #

Players will try to match the most popular survey answers throughout the game.

Each game has three parts:

  • The Face-Off,
  • The Feud, and
  • The Fast Money Bonus Round

Face-off #

Each Feud round begins with a Face-Off, in which players attempt to control the question by giving the most popular (not necessarily number one) answer.
Each team selects one player for the Face-Off. 
Question #1 is read aloud by the Emcee. 
Whenever one of the two players has an answer, the player raises their hand (in case of a tie, the Emcee decides). 
The player then answers the question immediately.
NOTE: If a player fails to give an answer immediately, their turn is lost.

How to win the Face-off round? #

If player’s answer matches an answer, the Emcee announces:
–  the answer, 
–  it’s placement on the scoreboard #1-8 and 
–  the points to place next to the answer
If the player gives the number one answer, the team:
  • wins The Face-Off and
  • The Feud Round begins (see THE FEUD).

If the player gives an answer that does not make the top ten responses, or is not the number one answer, the opposing team gets a chance to answer. If the answer is more popular,  the opposing team wins the face-off.

If the answer is not more popular:

1. The first player’s team wins the Face-Off if their answer is more popular than the opposing team’s answer
2. When both players answer a question that is not on the survey, a new player from each team is chosen to answer the question in the same order as the first two players until the face-off is decided. In a three-player game, each player gets another turn until a winner is decided.
3. The answers and their point values are then written on the scoreboard.

The Feud #

Face-Off winners may play the question or pass it to the other team.

Question #1 #

The players on the controlling team take turns guessing the answer. Players cannot help each other answer the question. In a three player game, the player on the controlling team tries to give all the remaining answers before three strikes are made.

Emcee Duties #

Announces the number of answers to the survey. When a player answers correcly, the Emcee announces:

  • the answer,
  • placement on the scoreboard (#1-10) and
  • points associated with that answer.

Strikes #

A strike is given if a player gives an incorrect answer or takes too long to answer (determined by the Emcee).
Emcee places the “X” mark on the strike indicator, beginning with “Strike One”.

How to win the Feud Round? #

The controlling team wins the round when its players provide all the remaining answers to Question #1 under three strikes.
Points are totalled on the scoreboard and scored under the team number on the Feud scoreboard section.

Controlling team gets 3 strikes #

If the controlling team gets three strikes before all the remaining answers are guessed, the opposing team takes control and is allowed one guess to match any remaining answers.

Opposing team guesses correctly #

They total their score and write it on the scoreboard under their team number.

Opposing team guesses incorrectly #

Team who originally controlled the question gets their points.
NOTE: If the answers to all the questions are not known, the winning team receives only the points for the answers that were correctly guessed on the scoreboard.

Question #2 #
  • New member from each team is chosen for the Face-Off
  • Emcee reads Question #2 aloud.
  • The game is played the same as in Question #1.
Question #3 #
  • A new player from each team is chosen for the Face-Off
  • Emcee reads Question #3 aloud.
  • The game is played the same as in Questions #1 and #2 except points called out by the Emcee are doubled when put on the scoreboard.

The player or team with the most points after three Questions plays the Fast Money Bonus Round. In case of a tie, both teams will play.

Fast Money Bonus Round #

Players choose what they feel are the two most popular survey answers to the Fast Money Questions.
For one player teams, that player plays.
For two player teams, both play. 
For teams of three or more, the team chooses two players to play
Teams cannot assist each other in selecting answers.
1. The Emcee reads aloud Fast Money Question #1. When there is just one player playing, that player gives two answers he feels are most popular. Answers are written on the scoreboard on lines 1 and 6 and the Emcee announces points aloud, if any. 
If there are two players, one player answers and scores points on line 1 of the scoreboard, the other player’s answer and score will go on line 6. Two players on the same team cannot have identical answers.
2. Fast Money Questions #2–#5 are played and scored the same way, with their answers written on lines 2 and 7, and so forth
3. The Emcee totals the points for all the selected answers after the five Fast Money Questions are played.  Teams that get 200 or more points win $20,000. The team wins $5 for every point scored if the total is under 200. 
For example: If the team’s final score is 175, they would win a total of $875 (175 x $5).

How to win? #

The team with the most money after answering questions and scoring points wins.,

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