Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly

Learn how to play Fortnite Monopoly with our easy to refer to and read Fortnite Monopoly rules. We summarise the game instructions to provide you with easy online references to the game objectives and directions.

Suitable for 2 – 7 players | 120 – 120 mins duration | Recommended age 13+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Video Game Theme Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No
Click here for the official rulebook

What is the goal? #

The goal of Fortnite Monopoly is to make your way around the board while claiming locations, combating your opponents, and avoiding the Storm. Ultimately, the last player standing wins.

Setup #

  • Each player begins with 15hp tokens and an outfit that needs to be punched out
  • Keep the chest cards, storm cards and the remaining hp tokens in the centre of the board along
  • place the location cards next to their matching board spaces
  • Set Up a wall card pile outside the board.
  • Apply the labels provided to each side of the action die
  • Roll the numbered die with the highest roller choosing where to place their character on the board (you cannot perform the action of your starting space). That player goes first and play continues to the left.

Gameplay #

The following are Fortnite Monopoly Rules covering gameplay, action die, board spaces, storm cards and Monopoly Fortnite walls.

Randomly select a player to go first. Play continues to the left.

On your turn #

Roll both the numbered and action dice, do the following in any order:

  • The number of spaces rolled determines how far your character moves forward (moves to the left), and then follow the board rules for that space.
  • Apply the action on your action die.
  • Whenever you land on or pass GO at the end of your turn, turn over the top Storm card.
  • Additionally, you can offer to trade locations and/or loot chest cards with other players at any time during your turn.

The action die #

A special action can be performed on your turn by rolling the Monopoly Fortnite action die:

Bandages #

gain 2 HP from the Bank (you can never have more than 15 HP)

Crosshair #

  • choose a player within your line of sight to pay 1 HP to the Bank.
  • Players who are on the same side of the board as you are in your line of sight. Thus, you have line of sight to two sides of the board when you are in a corner space. The crosshair action can be modified by loot chests.

Boogie Bomb #

all players lose 1 HP and all walls are destroyed. Those walls that are removed from the board are placed in the wall card pile.

Brick #

If you roll a brick, move and complete the action of that space. You then place a wall on any empty space in your path.

Monopoly Fortnite Walls #

Any time you reach a space with a wall, regardless of who placed it there, you must stop and carry out the action in that space. Afterwards, discard the wall.

On a space with a wall, you cannot be harmed by any action die or loot chest item attack. You can remove a wall simply by reaching it or by attacking it with any action die or loot chest item, in the same way that you would attack another player.

Storm Cards #

  • If you pass or land on GO, after your turn ends, draw the top Storm card, which indicates which space is being taken by the Storm.
  • If a location is being taken by the Storm, the card will instruct you to place the location card Storm-side up on that location
  • Upon landing on a location taken by the Storm, you must pay to the Bank the number of HP shown on the card.
  • If you land on any other board space taken by the Storm, you must pay 2 HP to the Bank.
  • The action of a space cannot be carried out if it has been taken by the Storm.
  • Once placed, the Storm Card cannot be moved.
  • When the Storm takes a space while you’re on it, you do not lose 2 HP.

The Board Spaces #

Unclaimed Locations #

If you land on an area that has not been claimed by anyone or taken by the storm, you can claim it for free. You do not have to pay anything. Simply take your location card.

Colour Sets #

Locations have different colour sets. If you have claimed both locations of a colour set, upon landing on one of these locations gain 2 hp.

Claimed locations #

If you land on a location claimed by another player, pay the number of hp shown on the board to the bank

Locations taken by the storm #

Landing on a location taken by the storm means you have to pay the bank the number of hp shows on the storm side of a location.

Go #

If you land or pass go, collect 2hp and turn over a storm card at the end of your turn

Free Parking #

Nothing happens

Campfire #

Landing on a campfire gives you 1hp

Spike Trap #

Landing on a spike trap means you have to pay 1hp

Loot chests #

  • If you land on this space, draw a loot chest card.
  • There are two types of loot chest card items:
    • those that you keep and will affect you for the rest of the game, and
    • those that are for one-time use.
  • It is possible to use more than one item per turn, and some items can be combined in powerful ways. One-time use cards may be kept until you are ready to use them, but can only be used on your turn. Place the one-time use card at the bottom of the loot chest deck after using it.
  • If you draw a health item but already have the maximum 15 HP, you may keep it and use it later.

Just visiting #

If you land here, put your character on the just visiting space

Go to Jail #

When you land on this space, perform the following:

Move your character immediately to jail. However if the space has been taken by the storm, you lose 2hp but you don’t go to jail.

Draw a storm card and cover the appropriate space. Do not collect 2hp for passing Go.

In jail, players may still attack you.

How to get out of Jail #

To get out, you can either pay 2hp before you roll or roll the numbered die and get a 6. If you fail to roll 6, your turn ends and after your second attempt, you may leave Jail for free and roll both dice normally on your next turn.

If the Jail space has been taken by the Storm while you are still in it, you do not lose hp each turn. You only lose 2hp once. Along with this, you can get out of jail for free.

Running out of hp #

When out of HP,

  1. Take your character off the board.
  2. If you have loot chest items, place them on the spot where you last lost HP. The person who passes or lands on that spot picks them up!
  3. If you have location cards, place them on their matching board spaces, Storm-side up. They’ve been taken by the Storm!

How to Win? #

Be the last one standing and win!

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