Family Feud Game Questions And Answers on Kids, Places and Animals

In Family Feud, contestants guess the most popular survey answers. Some of the most popular Family Feud topics are kids, places, and animals.                  

Whatever the topic, Family Feud can be a fun and entertaining game to play with family and friends. In order to win, players must think quickly and come up with the most popular answers. Have fun and good luck

Here is the list of Family Feud Game Questions and answers you can ask your friends and family during your next game night. Under each question are the answer and associated points.

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Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

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Here are the list Family Feud questions that you can use for your home game.
Family Feud Game Questions and Answers about:

Questions on Kids

Family Feud Kids Questions

What do kids learn about Abraham Lincoln

Answer Points Value
16th president 56
Honest 23
Tall 7
Abolitionist 6
Beard 5
Name a vehicle that would also make a great kid’s toy
Answer Points Value
Dump truck 43
Fire truck 34
Tractor 10
Police car 6
Bulldozer 3
What might get a kid into trouble if they write on it?
Answer Points Value
Wall 51
School desk 30
Clothes 6
Skin 3
Car 3
How would a kid handle homesickness at summer camp?
Answer Points Value
Family photo 36
Teddy bear 28
Blanket 23
Pillow 6
Cell phone 4
Give an example of a teenager’s milestone.
Answer Points Value
Driver’s license 46
Graduation 34
First date/kiss 7
Prom 6
College 4
When kids are allowed to borrow a car from their parents, they promise their parents they will do this or that.
Answer Points Value
Chores 29
Drive carefully 27
Fill it up 25
Make curfew 11
Wash it 6
What are some exercises gym teachers make that you do?
Answer Points Value
Jumping jacks 39
Run 27
Push-ups 23
Sit-ups 6
Pull-ups 3
Describe why a kid would be excused from school
Answer Points Value
Public holiday 38
Snow day 27
Sick 26
Teacher conference Vacation 4
Please describe an occasion in which parents force their children to wear a certain outfit.
Answer Points Value
Wedding 26
Easter 23
Halloween 20
Church 15
Christmas 9
School Picture Day 4
There is one sickness that seems to affect kids more than adults.
Answer Points Value
Cold 32
Flu 30
Chickenpox 28
Ear infection 5
Strep 3
When it comes to school, what is something parents always ask their children?
Answer Points Value
Have homework? 36
How are your grades? 32
How was your day? 18
What did you learn? When is your test? 6
When is your test 3
Name a kid’s park equipment adults might hurt themselves on.
Answer Points Value
Monkey bars 35
Slide 28
Swing 27
Merry-go-round 5
Seesaw 3
Give an example of why people think childhood is more enjoyable than adulthood.
Answer Points Value
No bills 53
No work 19
No worries 12
More fun/play 9
No responsibility 6
Kids use something for fun that adults use for exercise.
Answer Points Value
Bike 48
Ball 24
Jump rope 18
Trampoline 6
Swimming pool 3
You might play with something if you’re a kid, but you wouldn’t play with it if you were an adult.
Answer Points Value
Mud/dirt 43
Sandbox 21
Kiddie pool 13
Ball pit 8
Tree/play house 5
Children love summer for a number of reasons.
Answer Points Value
Pool/swimming 25
No school 23
Warm weather 17
Ice cream 17
Playing 11
Fishing 7
Before going to bed, what does a kid do?
Answer Points Value
Brush teeth 2
Put on pajamas 1
Watch tv 1
Read/do homework 1
Take a shower 1
Drink water 1
Say prayers 7
What do people use to write with?
Answer Points Value
A pencil 23
A pen 19
Keyboard 16
Crayon 15
Chalk 11
Dry erase marker 10
Paintbrush 6
Identify a person a kid can turn to for help if they need it.
Answer Points Value
Parent 28
Friend 23
Sibling 21
Teacher 17
Grandparent 11
Give an example of something kids throw at one another.
Answer Points Value
Toys 32
Food 25
Pillows 17
Paper 15
Balloons 11
Give an example of something kids lose a lot.
Answer Points Value
Toys 33
Books 27
Pencils 19
Money 15
Napkins 6
Breakfast food kids love
Answer Points Value
Cereal 32
Pop tarts 25
Waffles 23
Pancakes 11
Eggs 9

Questions on Places

Family Feud Places Questions

Name a place that has assigned seating

Answer Points Value
School 28
Concert 26
Airplane 14
Sporting Event 12
Name a city or state that is a girl’s first name
Answer Points Value
Paris 26
Charlotte 18
Virginia 14
Alberta 8
Augusta 4
Carolina 4
Savannah 3
Name a kind of place with a fence around it
Answer Points Value
Yard 23
Prison 19
Park 16
Zoo 14
Cemetery 10
Swimming Pool 8
Think of a place where you need to be quiet.
Answer Points Value
Library 38
Classroom 23
Church 18
Movie theater 14
Bedtime (at home) 7
In space, what do astronauts see?
Answer Points Value
Earth 23
Planets 21
Stars 13
Moon 13
Sun 11
Alien 7
Satellite 7
Meteor/comets 5
What might you see at the beach?
Answer Points Value
Ocean/water 28
Sand 26
People 18
Shells 15
Crabs 7
Towels 6
A messy bedroom might have these things on the ground.
Answer Points Value
Toys 32
Clothes 23
Backpack 17
Floor / carpet 12
Pen / pencil 11
Food wrappers 5
Give an example of something you might find in a cave.
Answer Points Value
Bats 32
Bear 25
Treasure 17
Spiders 15
Rocks 11
Give the name of a country beginning with “A”
Answer Points Value
Australia 48
Argentina 21
Austria 13
Afghanistan 13
Albania 5
Describe something you’d rather not find in the dark.
Answer Points Value
Monster 32
Spider 25
Mouse 17
Body 15
Snake 11
Identify a Western European country.
Answer Points Value
France 28
Italy 25
England 20
Germany 13
Spain 9
Greece 5
Give the name of a country in Asia.
Answer Points Value
China 53
Japan 17
Taiwan 11
Thailand 10
India 9
Spanish speaking countries
Answer Points Value
Mexico 52
Spain 29
Cuba 13
Argentina 6

Questions on Animals

Family Feud Animals Questions

Name a breed of horse

Answer Points Value
Mustang 18
Stallion 17
Clydesdale 15
Thoroughbred 14
Palomino 12
Pinto 10
Describe an animal you might find on a farm.
Answer Points Value
Cow 25
Pig 23
Goat 17
Chicken 16
Horse 13
Sheep 6
Describe a famous dinosaur.
Answer Points Value
Tyrannosaurus 58
Triceratops 12
Velociraptor 11
Pterodactyl 9
Stegosaurus 6
Brontosaurus 4
What kind of pet do people like to have?
Answer Points Value
Dog 32
Cat 20
Bird 15
Turtle 11
Hamster 11
Rabbit 8
Goldfish 3
Give the name of an animal that would make an awful pet.
Answer Points Value
Lion 25
Tiger 23
Snake 17
Bear 15
Skunk 13
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