How to play Ghost Blitz

How to play Ghost Blitz Game Rules is explained in simple steps. Get your game started quickly.

Players: 2 to 4 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Iota rules in simple steps Iota rules pdf / rulebook

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Ghost Blitz Game Setup

  • In the middle of the table, arrange the 5 items in a circle
  • Shuffle the cards and place them face-down in the middle

How to play Ghost Blitz in simple steps. Select a player to start first who turns over the top card for everyone to see. After each turn, the next player to the left turns over the top card.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Turn over the top card

A player turns over the top card for all to see.

Grab item displayed on the card of matching color

With one hand, you try as fast as possible to grab the item depicted on the card in the matching color, e.g., the blue book or the red chair.

When there is no item with matching colour

If there is no item in its original color, grab an item that is not depicted and whose original color is not shown on the card.

Take the card if the correct item is grabbed

When the right item is grabbed, you lay down the turned-over card in front of you as a reward. Each player can only grab only one item. 

Taking the wrong item

If you take the wrong item into your hand, you give up one card (provided you have one).  The player who has taken the right item gets to keep all the given-up cards.

End of the game and scoring

The game ends when the card pile has been used up. 
The player with the most cards wins.


  • None


  • Ghost Blitz Board Game

Materials: 5 items (ghost, chair, bottle, book, mouse) 60 cards

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