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Hedbanz Rules – Easy How to Play Guide

Fast to learn easy to read how to play Hedbanz rules.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Hedbanz rules in simple steps Hedbanz rules pdf / rulebook

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Hedbanz Setup

  • Put the cards face up in the middle of the playing area.
  • Players adjust the headbands around their heads.
  • Make sure the Hedbanz logo is centered over your eyebrows.
  • Deal each player one card face down.
  • The players insert their cards into their headbands without looking.
  • Each player receives three chips. Whatever is left becomes the bank.
  • The youngest player goes first and turn passes to the left.


Hedbanz card on a player's head

Simple How to Play Hedbanz steps

Identify your headband picture

  • During your turn, start the timer.
  • Ask each player a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question that will help you identify the picture
  • After asking all the players, ask another round of questions.


Hedbanz timer

Guessing a picture

  • Put a scoring badge on your headband for correct guesses and put another card on your headband.
  • Continue asking questions till the timer runs out.
  • You can stop trying to guess at any point during your turn.
  • You can also trade your card for a new card for the next round.
  • When timer runs out or you stop guessing or trade in a card, proceed to next player’s turn.

How do you win in Hedbanz?

Be the first person to get 3 scoring badges. Hedbanz 1

Tips on Hedbanz Questions


Always ask these 3 questions first: Am I an animal? Am I a thing? Am I a food?
Hedbanz Question cards also provide some tips on what questions to ask.


Hedbanz FAQ

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How to Play Hedbanz and Review Videos

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