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Quick and Easy to Read Guide on how to play Jaws

Easy and fast way to learn Jaws. We cover the essential Jaws rules and gameplay to get your game started quickly.

2-4 players, Duration: 60 mins, Ages: 12+

What is the goal?

  • One player is the SHARK while other players work together as a Crew to eliminate the shark
  • Crew is made up of the following characters who have different actions in the game:
    • Quint
    • Brody
    • Hooper
  • Game is played over 2 Acts (Act 1 and 2)
    • Act 1: Amity Island
      • Shark secretly moves in the water eating Swimmers
      • The Crew rescues Swimmers and tries locating Shark
    • Act 2: The Orca
      • Set on the boat, The Orca. Shark tries to destroy boat or kill crew members. The crew members try to kill the shark.
  • For a shorter game, either Act may be played separately
  • The crew wins if Shark is eliminated
  • Shark wins if it kills all 3 Crew members or destroys the Orca

Gameplay – Act 1

Shark’s Goal: Eat as many Swimmers and avoid Crew Detection

Crew’s Goal: Locate Shark, attach 2 barrels to it and prevent Swimmers from being eaten!

Act 1 is played in rounds. Each round has the following phases:

  1. Event Phase
  2. Shark Phase
  3. Crew Phase

Gameplay – Act 2

  • Shark begins each round under the water and resurfaces in 8 zones
  • Crew must predict where the Shark will resurface, and hope to attack it
  • Shark attacks before diving back into water
Jaws 1

How do you win?

The game can end in one of three ways:

1. If all three Crew Members have been eliminated, the Shark wins.

2. If the Orca has been destroyed (all Boat Tiles have been removed), the Shark wins.

3. If the Shark’s Wound Tracker reaches the X, the Shark is eliminated and the Crew wins.

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