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How to Play Trouble Game Rules if you hate rulebooks

How to Play Trouble rules are summarised into simple steps so that you get started quick and waste less time going through the rule book. Are you ready for a game of Trouble?

What is the goal?

Be the first player to move all four of your pieces around the board from your home base to the finish line.

Setup for your Trouble Game

There’s nothing much to setup in this game. Just choose a peg colour and place your pegs near the corresponding corner.

Trouble Game Setup

Step by step Game of Trouble Rules

Trouble - start peg

Move your peg out of home

  • Pop a 6 to move a peg from HOME to START.
  • Pop again to move the peg from START by the number on the die.
  • If you don’t pop a 6, try again next turn.

Moving pegs on the playing track

  • When rolling the die, move your peg the number of spaces shown.
  • Move clockwise, counting each space whether empty or full.
  • If you pop a 6, either move a new peg to START or move a peg already on the track.
Trouble - sending home

Sending Opponent’s Pegs Home

  • If your peg lands on a space with an opponent’s peg, the opponent’s peg goes back to HOME.
  • Your peg occupies the space.
  • If you move your peg to START from HOME and an opponent’s peg is there, the opponent’s peg goes back to HOME.
  • If your peg is on START and you pop a 6, you must move the peg on the track; you cannot move another peg from HOME to START.

Finish Line

  • Once a peg completes one round, it enters its matching color FINISH line.
  • Pegs cannot go around the gameboard more than once.
  • Pegs can only enter FINISH by moving in the direction of the Finish Line.
  • Pop the exact number to land on an empty FINISH LINE space.
  • If you can’t and have no other pegs to move, the next player takes their turn.
  • Pegs cannot enter another player’s FINISH LINE.
  • Pegs in the FINISH area move according to arrow directions and exact die count.

How do you win?

Trouble Finish

Winning in Trouble

1st player to move all their pegs around the gameboard into FINISH is the winner. Game continues to see who comes in 2nd and 3rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Game of Trouble FAQs

  • Do you go again if you roll a 6 in Trouble?

    Yes. When you roll a 6, you can move a peg out of home to START or move your peg on the gameboard. You get to roll again. 

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