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Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares rules in simple steps Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares rules pdf / rulebook

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What is the goal?

Lucidity is a dice collection and manipulation game for 2-4 players.  You fall into the dream realm when you close your eyes: a world of vivid hallucinations and dark monsters. To break the monsters’ hold on you, you must draw power from the dream realm.

  • Each turn, you draw dice randomly from a shared bag. 
  • Choose to rest (and clear your card of one or two dreams) or try again and go deeper into your dream- rolling more dice each time.

To win, you must roll 15 power symbols – freeing yourself from the dream world. You may become twisted and turned by the monsters if you collect too many of the wrong symbols.

Your game will completely change if you become a Nightmare. To win as a Nightmare, you must consume the dreams of the remaining Dreamers, or send minions after them to prevent them from becoming more powerful than you. The strongest Nightmare wins if no one escapes.

Game setup

Contents:80 x Dice (in 4 colors)
20 x Dreams of the Depths
20 x Dreams of Envy
20 x Dreams of Imprisonment
20 x Dreams of Primeval Fear
1 x Black Cotton Bag
4 x Dreamer Cards
Multiplayer game on one side
Single player game on reverse
5 x Nightmare Cards
4 x Primary Nightmares
1 x Nightmare of Temptation (variant)
4 x Turn Summary Cards
4 x Glass Sleep Markers

  1. The players place their Dreamer cards multiplayer-side up.
  2. A Dreamer’s multiplayer side is the side with the Power row along the bottom edge. The other side is for single player (The Bogeymen).
  3. Each player takes a sleep marker and a summary card.
  4. Place the four Nightmare cards (Depths, Envy, Imprisonment, and Primeval Fear) in the middle of the table (both sides identical except for art).
  5. You can substitute the Nightmare of Envy or Primeval Fear with the Nightmare of Temptation (set to green or red side as appropriate). Adding this Nightmare is optional for mixing up the game. It is suggested that you only use it after you are familiar with the basic rules.
  6. Shake the bag to mix the 80 dice (dreams). Set it nearby.
  7. The player who last had a bad dream goes first.
  8. Play continues clockwise.


Turn Order (Dreamer)

On your turn, do the following in order:


At the beginning of every turn, decide how deeply you wish to dream.

Lucidity Game Rules - Choose a sleep track


Draw a number of dreams from the bag equal to the number under your sleep marker.
Select two dreams and return them to the bag.

Note: The summary card lists the faces on each color of dream.

THE DEPTHS: Drown you in dreams.
ENVY: Give and take Power easily.
IMPRISONMENT: End your turn early.
PRIMEVAL FEAR: High risk, high reward.


As you roll the remaining dreams, match the symbols rolled to the spaces on your Dreamer card.

Dream Rerolls: You may spend a or from your Power row at any time to reroll any number of unresolved dreams that match that spent dream’s color.

Put the spent dream on the Nightmare matching its color, or back in the bag if that Nightmare has already been claimed.

Order of Resolution

Always resolve dreams in the following order:

Lucidity Game Rules - Order of Resolution

Note: If a row is full, place any additional dreams of that symbol adjacent to that space. Continue to apply Shadow eff ects. The fourth space in the Shadow rows is only used in a two player game.

Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 2


After resolving all rolled dreams, check to see if any rows on your Dreamer card are filled, in the following order

Hunt row

Having four or more dreams in your Hunt row eliminates you. You return them all to your bag. You take no more turns, but you are considered a “next player” for various skills.

Exhaust row

You are exhausted if you have three or more dreams in your Exhaust row. Pull a random dream from the bag. Return it to the bag, along with all Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3 and Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4 on your Power row that match its color.

Exhaustion prevents you from dreaming again. You must End your turn, but you may still become a Nightmare.

Shadow row

You become a Nightmare if you have three or more dreams in any Shadow row (or four or more in a two player game). You are a Nightmare of the color matching your most filled Shadow row. You may choose between tied colors.

Return all dreams on your Dreamer card except for Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3 and Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4 to the bag.

Place the matching Nightmare card over your Shadow rows. Take all Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3 and Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4 on that card and add them to your Power row.

Then end your turn. In future turns, you play as a Nightmare (see p 8).

Remove all dice apart from Power when you become a Nightmare.

Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 9


If you are Exhausted or at the end of a Sleep Track, you must rest. Otherwise, choose to Rest or Dream Again:


By resting you regain some control over your dreams. Return either one Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 10or all Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 11 dreams  on your Dreamer card to the bag. Then end your turn.

Dream Again 

If you press your luck, you gain more insights but lose control. Increase your sleep marker by one step. Do not switch Sleep Tracks.

Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 12

Turn Order (Nightmare) 

Any player who has claimed a Nightmare card is considered a Nightmare. Nightmare players are not Dreamer players. On your turn, you may either Consume Power or Send Minions to attack a Dreamer.

Those who claim a Nightmare card are considered Nightmares. The Dreamer is not a Nightmare.

You can either consume power or send minions on your turn to attack a Dreamer.

Consume Power 

Take one Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3or Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4of your color from any player’s Power row (Nightmare or Dreamer player) and add it to your own. Then end your turn.

Send Minions 

Draw two random dreams. Give one back and one to a Dreamer player. They must immediately roll and resolve it. End your turn.


Every time a Dreamer player chooses to resolve certain symbols on a dream of your color (as indicated on your Nightmare card),you take that dream, turn it into a Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3and add it to your Power row, then may choose to activate a special ability.Each Nightmare card describes which symbols are taken as Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3 and what abilities you can trigger. Because all Nightmares take Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 10 dreams of their own color, there can never be two Nightmares of the same color. 

Two Player Games 

Players in a two player game will only become Nightmares if they fi ll all four spaces of a Shadow row.

Ending the Game 

At the end of any player’s turn, if any player (Nightmare or Dreamer) has 15 or more Power (signified by the Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3andLucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4 symbols), then every other remaining Dreamer player takes a final turn before the game ends.

At the end of the game, the player with the most Power wins. ( Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 4counts as Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3 +  Lucidity Six Sided Nightmares 3.) Either they have escaped the dream world, or they have become the most powerful Nightmare and consumed all of the others.
If there are ever no Dreamers remaining, the game ends immediately and the Nightmare with the most Power wins.

The “Worst Case” Rule 

If you ever draw or roll more dreams than you are allowed to, the next player in turn order may select the excess which are to be returned to the bag. Then you must roll/reroll the dreams. If you ever return more than two dreams to the bag, the next player in turn order may pick dreams of any color out of the bag to replace them. If you return a dream to the bag, you cannot change your mind and take it back out again.

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