How to play Play Nine

How to Play Play Nine golf card game rules in quick simple steps. Get your game started quickly.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

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What is the goal of Play Nine?

Draw, replace and turn over cards from your hand and accumulate the lowest score. After nine rounds of gameplay, the lowest score overall is the winner.

Setting Up Play Nine

Play Nine 1
  • Shuffle all cards. The cards have values ranging between 0 and 12. There are 8 cards for each value. There is also four Hole in One Cards mixed in the deck.
  • Players then pick up one card from the top. The lowest card is the dealer. If it is a tie, repeat the step until the tie is broken. The player on the dealer’s left starts and the play continues clockwise.
  • Each player receives 8 cards face down, and arranges them into two rows of four cards.
  • The remaining cards are stacked in the centre. The top card is turned over to make a discard pile next to the draw pile.

How to play Play Nine in Simple Steps

How to play Play Nine Tee off

How to Play Nine in simple explained steps. At the start of the round, all players “tee off” by flipping over two cards from each player’s set of cards. The starting player (At the beginning of the game, the player to the left of the dealer) then chooses to draw a card from the draw pile or from the discard pile.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Drawing from the draw pile

First look at what number card it is. When you draw from the pile, you can replace either face-up or face-down cards and discard that replaced card.
You can also discard that drawn card and turn over any facedown card. Remember to turn over a facedown card as it is necessary to win.

Drawing from discard pile

When drawing from the discard pile, you can replace either a face-up or face-down card and discard the replaced card. Once a player has discarded a card, the play moves clockwise. Remember that your goal is to get the lowest score hand. With these rules, a player must turn over or replace a card on every turn. One facedown card must always remain in your hand.

Having one face-down card (Lining up the Final Putt)

Once a player has only one facedown card, they can choose to skip their turn.
To skip a turn, they must still draw from either pile followed by discarding that card without replacing or flipping from their hand.
Skipping a turn can repeatedly happen as long as one card is facedown.

Turning over the final facedown card:

When one player decides to turn over their last facedown card by replacing or turning it, play ends for that player.  All players following him then have their last turn drawing one final card on their turn.  All cards that are facedown after a player has made their last turn must all be flipped up and the scores of all players are noted on the scorecard.


To score, count up all the values of each card. A Hole in One removes strokes from your score. Improving your score with included combinations can be shown in the Additional scoring tab.

Additional Scoring

These patterns can improve your score for each hand.

Matching Two Cards: Having two cards of the same value in the same column (above and below) cancel each other out turning your strokes into 0. This doesn’t apply to the Hole in One as they already remove 5 strokes from your score.

Matching Four cards: When you have two “Matching Two Cards” of one value, these all cancel out to 0 and additionally provide -10 points to your score.

Matching Six Cards: Similar to “Matching Four Cards”, having an additional set of one value results in all of them cancelling out to a score of 0 and additionally providing -15 to your score.

Matching Eight Cards: Having your entire hand of all the exact number results in a score of a -20 score.

Four Hole In Ones: When you having “Matching four cards” but with the use of all four “Hole In One” cards, the -10 bonus score is added to the existing -20 score that comes with the four cards to add an overall -30 score to your final score.

Starting another game

After all scores have been written down, the cards are shuffled and dealt out with the player to the left of the last beginning player starting. 

They Tee Off and repeat the process once again

End of game

After 9 rounds of continuous gameplay, the scores from all games are then added up and the player with the lowest score is declared the winner.

In the case of a tie, these players can play a sudden-death playoff.

How to Play Play Nine The Card Game of Golf and Review Videos

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